Donate to “Remembering Rocky – Warm for the Winter” Campaign

Friends of the Farm,

As you can imagine, dealing with Rocky’s fall and subsequent passing have been very stressful, sad, and absolutely exhausting. We greatly miss Rocky, our dear friend and longtime resident, and we’re so grateful to the many volunteers, friends, neighbors, fire department members, community associates, and veterinarians who rushed in willing to help in any way they could.

Throughout this entire ordeal Rocky had friends, both human and animal constantly by his side and rooting for him. This included nighttime vigils as volunteers, accompanied by Sam the dog, kept watch over Rocky just in case our 2,600 pound friend found the energy to stand during the wee hours of the morning.

Over the course of 2+ days we pushed, pulled, encouraged, massaged, tempted him with treats, hired a company that specializes in fallen cows to float him upright and back on his feet, and had multiple very expensive weekend and emergency visits from on-call vets to examine and assess Rocky’s condition. All of our efforts, physical, mental and financial went in to helping Rocky get back on his feet. Unfortunately and sadly we were not successful.

As time passed, it was apparent that Rocky was getting weaker. Ultimately I had to make the heart-wrenching decision to let him go. With the help of our wonderful and compassionate vet, Dr. Link, and surrounded with love and care from several dedicated volunteers, Sam the dog, and me, Rocky passed quickly and very peacefully.

With credit to Paula, one of our many Facebook friends who sent condolences;

“Godspeed Big guy! May you forever graze in greener pastures.” We will miss you dearly, sweet Rocky.

We did for Rocky as we would do for any of our resident animals, make every reasonable effort to help them recover and live a quality life. Unfortunately this was a huge and unexpected expense for the farm. Also during this situation, it was unexpectedly very cold and very rainy here in Maryland. The weather quickly reminded us of the really brutal winters we’ve had here for the last 2 years; the last 2 years were VERY hard on our animals. While dealing with Rocky, the raw and unpleasant weather brought to our attention other unanticipated needs/expenses related to keeping our animals dry and warm.

As a result and based on suggestions from several volunteers and Facebook followers, I’ve decided to set up a special “You Caring” fundraiser for those of you who may want to help with the current situation. This is in addition to our upcoming annual winter outreach newsletter which will be shared/sent later this fall and which is designed to help with larger and ongoing costs at the farm.

Our new/current “You Caring” fundraiser has a target of $4,890 and is called “Remembering Rocky- Warm for the Winter.” It is designed to specifically cover:

$2,400: Expenses related to Rocky’s care (Vet Bills, Medication, Floating Equipment & Service)

$1,200: Rubber mats to insulate and keep the new barn floor warm and dry

$400: Heat lamps for the new barn (12 energy efficient, safe units)

$340: Electrical work to install heat lamps (discounted rate)

$550: Winter coats for our older animals: 2 goat coats (for Newman and Joey), a new coat for Dee Dee the 41 year old Donkey, a coat for Senna the 17 year old alpaca, and a coat for Bello the 22 year old Dutch Warmblood horse.

For those of you who can and would like to help, no donation to this special fundraiser is too small and we thank you in advance. If you would prefer to participate via PayPal or send a check via snail mail, there is a link on our website. Please feel free to share with others and we’ll keep you posted on our progress. Thank you again for your ongoing concern and support.


Farmer Anne