Derry the Maremma Dog

aMaremma Abruzzese Sheepdog
Born approximately 2002
Weight approx. 95 pounds

The Maremma is an Italian version of the Great Pyrenees livestock guardian dog. These dogs are slightly smaller in build, can work better on smaller tracts of land, and are less prone to kneejerk barking. They’re rather rare in the US, and mostly used on farms for protecting the animals.

Derry is now on his third (and, we hope, forever) home. His most recent owner took a job out of the country and had to find a new place for him very quickly. He was working with chickens and goats, so we knew he’d be perfect for helping to protect our sheep, goats, and ducks.

Derry is a big, lovable goofball! And yet when it’s time to get down to business and teach those foxes a thing or two, he roars like a lion. On any given day he goes bounding around like a fluffy, bouncing polar bear, playing practical jokes on the other dogs and getting himself muddy from head to foot in the stream. He’s extremely affectionate and will stand up and put his paws right on your shoulders; yet we know that Derry will not let any harm come to his charges by either man or beast.

He sure is a welcome addition to Star Gazing Farm!

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