Dee Dee Donkey

Miniature Sicilian donkey
Born approximately 1974
Weight approx. 300 pounds

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Dee Dee Donkey is a fat, feisty, sweet, spry little donkey. We adopted her from Days End Farm Horse Rescue in 2002,  partly to be a companion, and partly to be a guardian to the sheep and goats. She’s incredibly affectionate, and will lean against you asking for butt and head scratches. Her age is estimated to be nearly 40, but no one really knows. She shows no obvious signs of aging, and can really move fast if she wants to.

She’s incredibly sweet around children, and has even tried to sit in a friend’s lap one time while he was sitting on the ground weeding. Like most donkeys, Dee Dee does not like dogs – she now accepts residents Sam, Sullivan, and Ti-gba as belonging to her flock, but other dogs are fair game for her, so we always discourage people from bringing their dogs to the farm, as she will try to attack them (and indeed, that is her job – to protect the sheep and goats against possible predators).

Dee Dee is fed a senior equine feed mash (her teeth are not so great anymore!). She gets as much hay as she wishes. Dee Dee is very fond of carrots but will go crazy over a peppermint candy.

Dee Dee is seen by our farrier, Pat Townsend, once every six weeks. She also gets to see the dentist twice a year!

Dee Dee uses the barn as well as the run in shed for her shelter. She’s tried to come into the house a few times, too.

Would you like to sponsor Dee Dee?

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