Meet Cinnamon!

Cinnamon is a very sweet guinea pig who was left at our “Bunny Motel” for boarding. Her owner had many very hard complications occur in her life, however, and asked if we might keep Cinnamon and we gladly agreed – she is a marvelous ambassador for the smaller creatures of the earth. Intelligent and vocal, she welcomes visitors with squeaks and little purring noises, and adores being held right under your chin where she will rub her head up against you. Guinea pigs typically live up to 8 years if cared for well. They need Vitamin C (either in tablet form or in their water) as well as fresh greens and hay. They are emotional little creatures and need lots of attention. Everyone who comes to the farm falls in love with Cinnamon! We hope she will encourage others to adopt a guinea pig from your local shelter; these little guys often get overlooked in the search for a pet.