Bullwinkle the Steer

Holstein cross steer
Born 2005
Weight approx. 1800 pounds

Bullwinkle was naughty from the time he popped out of his mother. He was bottle-raised at the Prince William Animal Control petting zoo, and from there was destined to go to the auctionhouse, but a kind lady fell in love with him and his buddy Rocky, bought them at market price, and hauled them over here.

Bullwinkle has such a distinct personality. He loves to go up to people and lick them all over with his rough, sandpaper-like tongue, but you have to watch out – despite his steer status, he is an amorous kind of a guy. He is extremely sweet and loves massages.  He used to have a wild streak in him – if you simply turned on the tractor he got so excited, he’d racing from one end of the field to the other.  He is advanced in years now, however, and has arthritis so he has slowed down quite a bit.  His best friend is Brandy the Angus cow.

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