Bello the horse

Dutch Warmblood/Hanoverian
Born approximately 1993
Weight approx. 1400 pounds

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Bello (nicknamed “Big Boy”) was intended to be a serious dressage horse, but his owners found that he had an old (healed) fracture to his navicular bone that caused him to go lame from time to time. They loved him very much, and wanted him to go to a place where he would be coddled, so they chose Star Gazing Farm!

Bello is, indeed, a big boy, standing at 17-1 hands and weighing an estimated 1400 pounds. He is a gentle giant, though. He is very tolerant of the sheep and goat shenanigans that go on, doesn’t flinch when the puppy races through his legs, and leads very nicely.  His one foible is that he is so tall and his neck is so long, he reaches over the garden fence to munch on the herbs.


Hawthorne is fed a senior equine feed with joint supplements twice daily, and gets as much grass and hay as he likes. He’s very, very fond of carrots.

Bello is seen by our farrier, Pat Townsend, once every six weeks.

Would you like to sponsor Bello?

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