Meet Our Rabbits

George the Chinchilla

George the Chinchilla was adopted out from and returned several times to the animal shelter.  People claimed he was “too much work.”  He ended up at the Arlington Animal Welfare League who let us take him home and give him a permanent place to be himself! [read more]

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Meet Luc

My name is Luc.  I’m big and black and sleek and lovely to pet.  I’m healthy and I really love hopping all around the house and pooping everywhere.  My hobbies are chewing on leafy greens and kissing.  [read more]

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Meet Cinnamon!

Cinnamon is a very sweet guinea pig who was left at our “Bunny Motel” for boarding. Her owner had many very hard complications occur in her life, however, and asked if we might keep Cinnamon and we gladly agreed – she is a marvelous ambassador for the smaller creatures of the earth. [read more]

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