Meet Our Cats


Meet Fatty and Cracky

CrackyHi!  I’m Cracky and my brother is Fatty.  We are really big black cats who came here because our original farm was being sold.  We are not only great at rodent control, we charm all the visitors.  Fatty purrs (he snores too…) all the time and people think it’s cute.  But I’m much cuter because I’m so affectionate.

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Tabitha the Cat

One of three sisters, Tabitha was the “runt” of the litter, and quite delicate. She is still slender, but very athletic. She is also the most affectionate of the kittens, always finding a lap to cuddle in. [read more]

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Evelyn the Cat

Evelyn is full of personality. For a while, she has the reputation of “the bad cat”. However, she has mellowed with age, and has turned into a tremendously loving and loyal cat.

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Maria Christina the Cat

Maria is the shyest of the cats, although she can be seen being carried around by some of our volunteers who simply love her. She is dainty and sleek, but quite an active mouser.

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