Angel the Sheep

Jacob sheep
Born in 2009
Approximately 80 pounds

Little Angel was raised in someone’s kitchen as a ‘bottle baby’. She was then taught to walk on a leash and was taken around to parties as part of a petting zoo. However, her owner fell on hard times and could no longer afford to keep her; worried that Angel might end up at the auction house, she asked us to take her.  When we got her, she was so skinny but that did not last long!

Angel is not only game to ride in the passenger seat of cars to go and meet people, she has a lot of moxie! She’s told all of the dogs off on several occasions, and hangs out primarily with the alpacas as their mascot and official food taster.

She has beautiful, thick, soft wool, and a simply lovely personality, although if you feed her treats she will follow you everywhere, and try to run after you as you leave the farm. She does love those treats.

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