New Volunteers

We’re so glad you’re interested in volunteering for the farm.  Anyone under 18 must bring a parent or legal guardian to attend the orientation and fill out our paperwork.  Please do not bring any pets with you.  Directions to the farm are at

Things you should know about volunteering!

You should wear long pants and shoes with covered toes or muck boots (the least expensive rubber boots we’ve found are sold at Tractor Supply for about $11, though you can also get them at Target or K-mart).

If you have any health concerns such as allergies please alert us to those both on the forms you fill out as well as when you arrive.   Here at the farm we have:  hay, grass, dust, animal dander, and lots of stinging insects.

Much of the work we do on a weekly basis involves cleaning animal areas – so it’s dirty and sometimes quite heavy work!  Most of our volunteers just dedicate certain clothes and shoes to work at the farm.  We also do some light carpentry work and animal care.

Our volunteers work directly in the presence of large animals.  In the orientation we will speak about safety around animals as well as hygiene issues.

Our typical volunteer times are Saturdays from 9-1.  In the summer, we also have volunteering on Wednesdays from 4-8 pm.

A few times a year we have events where the public comes to the farm.  We encourage our volunteers to participate in this, as it gives them a chance to share with others all that they’ve learned about working on the farm and with the animals.

Administrative stuff:  we require that you/your parent sign a waiver form prior to starting work.  Within a month of starting to volunteer, we also require that anyone 18 provide proof of having had a tetanus shot.  We strongly recommend that volunteers of all ages be up to date on tetanus.  We provide SSL hours through the county, and normally fill out the paperwork 3 times a year (end of December, end of June, end of August).  Each school is different, so if you need paperwork at a different time, we need to know this at least a week in advance of your deadline.

Working at Star Gazing Farm is a wonderful opportunity to learn about the humane care of animals, and get a taste of farm life.  We encourage volunteers to get to know each other, and we have a really nice camaraderie – but we also work HARD.

If you plan to attend an orientation, please RSVP so we know to expect you.

Directions to the farm are at: