Dear Santa,IMG_7421

It’s been many decades since I’ve written you an actual letter.  I don’t think you have forgotten about me, though, because you have already brought so much joy to the animals at Star Gazing Farm this year.

What I want more than anything is for people to be nicer to animals, everywhere,just like they have been nice to the animals at my farm.

Maybe that means stopping their car to help a turtle cross the road.

Maybe that means going to the animal shelter to bring home a homeless animal.

Maybe it means not giving up on a”difficult” or “problem” animal currently in their lives.

Maybe it means telling a friend about how to be kinder to animals and speaking up when they see something that is wrong.

Maybe it means thinking about what (and who) they are eating and making some different food choices.

Maybe it even means writing letters or advocating for better laws to protect our friends.

Whatever it is – Santa, I hope you will let people know that my heart’s desire is for things to be better for animals.  If they are better for animals, they are better for humans, too!

On a practical level, dear Santa, it would help so much if the farm could get some help obtaining a new truck.  The current farm truck is very old and rusted out (in fact there is only half a floor on the driver’s side, just like the Flintstones!).  It eats up oil like crazy and only gets about 10 mpg. We can only use it for very limited local errands.

It doesn’t matter what color or make or year a new truck would be, but it needs to be 4 wheel drive with a 6 foot bed and extended cab – this is because we need to transport animals as well as large hay bales and equipment in it. We would love if it got around 20 mpg to help with expenses, too.  Thank you, Santa, for putting the word out!


Farmer Anne