laylaDear Santa,

I have been a very good girl this year. I lost my long-time mate Dani and that made me very sad. I now spend all my time with Harriet the Duck. She is pretty nice, as ducks go, but I hope that some time soon there is a goose in need who can find his or her way to this farm so I can converse on a more, shall we say, elevated level.

As you know, we geese love to swim and be in water. We use the large-sized wading pools when the creek goes dry, but the pools are made of cheap plastic and don’t last more than a season. I think this framed swimming pool would be so grand to splash around in!    I would also like this feeding scoop – Farmer Anne is always wondering where she left the food scoop. If we had our very own to put in our feed bins, she wouldn’t have to use bad words anymore.

I would love a sponsor. I am a very photogenic goose, and I patrol the property with my sidekick Harriet so I am also a useful goose.  I don’t really want to be held or petted, but I will certainly wave at my special friend if he or she comes to visit.