This is how I looked before. I was not very pretty, nor very happy.

This is how I looked before. I was not very pretty

Dear, honorable Santa-san,

I am Kimiko, a sheep who has risen from the ashes.  Yes, I have, this is a true thing. I lived with a horrible man before who beat me and rarely fed me.  I am sorry, I now eat so much and have gotten fat (but not all THAT sorry, if I may be totally honest with you).  I do love it here, and I have several best friends including Parsnip the blind sheep. That is why I wear a bell, so she can always find me when she wants to chat.


This is how I look now – quite regal, don’t you agree?

The first thing I want may make you laugh.  I admit, it’s a bit expensive but it would help so so much.  You see, the goats here are, if I can attempt to say this politely, somewhat pushy when it comes to eating.  We have one of those long bunk feeders but the goats always use it and often Mr. Newman Goat just jumps up in it.  He gets his dirty goat boy toes all over the food and then none of the sheep want to eat it anymore. If we had a second bunk feeder, then the sheep could have one all to themselves.  I believe I have good analytical sills for a sheep, do you not agree?  I would also like another big drinking bucket. Those 5 gallon ones are not big enough – these muck tubs make great drinking buckets.  We only have 2 right now, and one of them is starting to crack.

Well, my final wish is to be sponsored.  It makes my day when someone comes to the farm just to visit me. You have no idea how that feels, after so many years of not counting for anything.

I am so happy to be able to write to you, dear Santa!