I am lying down here so you can’t see how short I am.

Dearest Santa Claus of the North Pole,

My name is Senna.  I had a very stupid  name before I came to Star Gazing Farm and I’m not going to tell you what it was especially because you never brought me presents before.  That is probably because I was locked in a basement and you couldn’t find your way to me. Christmas Eve was always sad for me.  I’m 17 years old so I’m a bit old for an alpaca, and I’m very short, as these things go – but your elves are short too, and I know you love them!

Santa dear, I would very much like a few things for Christmas.  First, I know this is not a very”interesting” present, but it would mean a lot to me because I missed having these when I was growing up – maybe that’s why I’m so little.  These are minerals that I and my friends really need to keep our health:    We need the Lama-Min 104” minerals.   Also, you might laugh at me for asking for this in winter time but …. alpacas have a really, really hard dealing with the heat.  We come from the cool mountains – so Maryland summers are hard to bear.  I would like this very powerful, closed-motor fan so I can enjoy next summer here.

Santa, no one has thought to sponsor me.Maybe because I’m short little old lady. But I’m so pretty and sweet – will you send me a sponsor for Christmas?

Thank you so much Santa Claus of the North Pole.


Senna the alpaca of Maryland