georgeDear Santa,

I am new to the farm and by and large I think I’ve been a pretty good boy (I’m SORRY I’m not so good with the litter box….).  I’m still shy and am getting used to the notion that being touched by people is OK.  I’m a bit lonely though.  My friend Fred got sick and died and it was very hard for me to cope with; I really would like another friend.  They tell me I can only be a friend with another boy.  Santa, will you let Farmer Anne know when a lonely boy chinchilla shows up at a local animal shelter?

Also, I need something called a cooling plate.  It helps me regulate my temperature and will keep my very comfortable.  I have a really wonderful palace that I live in, but no cooling plate! The other thing that would be really nice is an exercise wheel.  One tends to put on a few ounces during the winter, and I think this wheel might help me keep my figure.

Because I am new, no one has sponsored me yet but I am really, quite objectively, AMAZINGLY cute so I hope that I will receive at least one sponsorship this holiday season.

Lots of love,