samandjakeDear Santa,

I have had a lot to do on my job this year.  “Some People” have thought in the past that my job was to “guard the livestock”.  As you well know, that is NOT my job.  My job is to watch over the older and infirm animals, and to care for them when they are failing. It is not a job many dogs know how to do but I do it well.  I will not leave the side of my friends when they are sick or suffering.  When they die, I hold a wake for them and guard their bodies.  I also care for humans who are sad or having trouble.  I have a big heart and I cry for all those who have pain.

Santa, my needs are few and aside from the little misunderstanding we had initially about “livestock guarding” and such nonsense, Farmer Anne is so nice and does everything for me that I need. At least once a year I need to go to the groomer because I have a big thick double coat that needs to be brushed out.  I love my groomer Lisa.  You could call her and arrange to pre-pay for my next grooming (which will be at the end of March).  Farmer Anne asked me to ask for a GPS tracker.  She seems to want to know when I go to visit my best friend Baruch next door or when I check out what’s happening in the back woods. Sigh.  Anyhow, *I* know where I am at all times, but she seems to want to know, too.  What I would love most of all is that you would make a donation in my name to our local hospice center.  They are my kind of people and I would like for them to know that I am their kind of dog and support their work. If you do this, will you tell them I sent you?

Finally, I would love to have a sponsor – someone to come and give me treats and hugs.

Love and light,

Sam the Anatolian Shepherd