As you can see, I'm very pretty!

As you can see, I’m very pretty!

Dearest sweetie Santa Claus,

I have been an awfully good girl this year, and I have managed to keep most of the roosters in line, but that Bobby is something awful and does unspeakable things sometimes. He came from that drug raid place so I expect he still has some bad habits from his past. Sigh.  I just can’t be everywhere at all times.  At any rate, this is what I would like – a big bag of wild birdseed and a wild bird feeder.  Why?  I will be honest, because I am always telling the truth to everyone: this is not altruistic at all.  Those confounded wild birds come every winter and eat up all our chicken food! I think if they have their own spot, maybe they will let us eat in peace.  That is my theory.  (note:  I don’t know a lot of about wild bird feeders, so if you know of a better type you can choose one).

I would also love to be sponsored by someone.  I am nice and can be held and petted.

Thank you Santa, for all you do for the animals and all the little children who write to you and believe in you!