evelynDear Santa,

As you know I am a very beautiful cat, but most of the time I prefer to be outside. I have tried to be a good girl this year, but sometimes I get into fights with my sister Maria. I think it is her fault, so I hope you’ll still bring me presents.  I would like to ask for this really nice thermal bowl because Farmer Anne can put it up in the barn, where I like to hang out most of the time.  That way I will have fresh water whenever I need it.  I would also love some of this “Now” cat food.  I have my own special feeder up in the barn loft and so this food will be all mine, and just for me.  Thank you for reading my letter, and please ask Maria to be nicer to me next year (I know she’s just jealous of how gorgeous I am, but puh-leeze, that is so petty!).

Finally, I would love a sponsor.  This would really make my day!  It would also help pay for Farmer Anne to take me to the vet for a checkup.