parsnnipDearest Santa Claus,

I am having to dictate this letter to my friend Spenser.  I have cataracts in both eyes, because I am a very old sheep; I can see shadows, but not much else, so it’s hard for me to write letters anymore. Ah, in my youth I wrote prolifically….. but I digress.  Fortunately my friends Spenser and Kimiko wear bells so I can always find them, and I since I have always been quite an intelligent and alert sheep, I can get around the farm pretty well. “One MUST carry on!”

Well, what I would like for Christmas this year is to not have a very hard winter – could you do that for me?  The cold is very hard on us old girls. Just in case it turns very cold, perhaps you could help by sending us an extra heat lamp  for our abode – sometimes (honestly, all of the time) Waldo hogs the heat lamp and we have to huddle in the corner.  It’s not really fair.  We elderly sheep would like our OWN heat lamp, please. I would also like this heated water bucket.  The water freezes really fast in winter, and to be honest, sometimes the donkey spits in it and so it’s all just a big mess.  I’d like this bucket so we can have fresh water without ice in it.

I know I’m an old lady but I’m still full of life and would love someone to sponsor me and then come to visit me.  I like fig newtons.