margDear Santa,

Was I supposed to be good all year? I have been very good all December, does that count?  I did kick Farmer Anne once or twice, but I’ve gotten over that and now I give her kisses.

Did you know it is very  hard for Farmer Anne to find good alpaca halters around here?  She always seems to say naughty words when trying to use the ones she has bought.  I found these halters on the Internet and I know these are the BEST because of the way they latch.  I need a size medium.  My mom Delphine needs a medium and my auntie Senna needs a small.  Just in case you wanted to make one trip to the farm with your reindeer for us three girls.  Also, Santa, did you know that we alpacas really need special minerals to keep us healthy?  We use the Lama Min 104 minerals.  They taste very good and they keep all of the stuff in our blood correct, scientifically speaking.

I have just one sponsor, but my mom and auntie have no one sponsoring them at all. Any of us girls would be very happy to have a special friend who would come and bring us cookies.  Bullwinkle told me you can sponsor any of us here:



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