bullwinkleDear Santa,

I have a new friend now and her name is Brandy! She is very beautiful, and we eat all of our meals together. I think she might like me, too. She helps me to be happy when I miss my brother, Rocky.

I am old and have pretty bad arthritis.  Miss Tanya gives me back and leg massages every day and she uses the DMSO which really feels good, but I also have to take medicine. Maybe you can help get me more medicine this Christmas?  I can either take four of the Cattle Aspirin Bolus pills twice a day, or 190 of the uncoated aspirin pills twice a day. Farmer Anne also mixes in some DuMor Joint Supplement with my food to help me get around. That is a lot of medicine, but Farmer Anne says it will help me feel good.

Every time I am sponsored I do a little old-man happy dance in the pastures!



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