henryHello Santa,

My name is Henry, or GoodDog, or GoodBoy, or WhatAGoodGoodBoy, but mostly I am “HenryMan”.  I am new here – I only arrived at the farm on November 18.  I will always remember that date because it was such a good day for me. FINALLLY someone understood that I need to live the farming life.  I love the farm and the animals and everyone is very nice, especially Mr. Dave who gives me treats all the time.

I used to wander all over the countryside before the men in blue picked me up.  I was kind of a ramblin’ man.  Since I’ve been here at Star Gazing Farm, just one time I went out of the farm but that one time made everyone very worried and upset. I just needed to check on things in the woods, you know – there are lots of foxes I need to chase off.  I told Farmer Anne this, but I don’t think she speaks my language fluently. Can I ask for a big thing? I would like a GPS tracker for my collar so that Farmer Anne always knows where I am.  I would also love a new bowl for me and one for my friend Nicole.  Right now we are eating out of the sheep’s bowls which is not ideal.  I am very happy here, and I make big smiles and waggle my bottom so people know I am happy and not sad anymore.

I haven’t been sponsored yet. Sam tells me if I smile and roll around people sponsor me and get my smile in the mail!


Henry the Livestock Guardian Dog

Star Gazing Farm mailing address:
16760 Whites Store Road
Boyds, MD 20841