You can see, these girls are stunned at how handsome I am.

You can see, these girls are stunned at how handsome I am.

Dear Santa,

I am always a good pig, and I have been very good this year. I patrol the whole farm, and say hello to everyone every day. Sometimes people even rub my belly and tell me how handsome I am. I am, truly, very handsome, and I have a good belly for rubs.  It’s soft and round and a little bit fat.  People who come to visit me always ooh and ahh.  I think they are intimidated by my good looks.

I would like a big bowl of my very own so Farmer Anne always knows where to put my breakfast every morning. I would also love it if you could bring me some canned fruits and vegetables, especially canned pumpkin and unsweetened apple sauce.  These are very tasty and very good for me, especially in winter when I may not drink as much water as I should.  Please don’t bring me green beans or carrots.  I don’t like them and I won’t eat them and then the horse will steal them and Farmer Anne will utter colorful phrases! You and your reindeer friends can drop these right on Farmer Anne’s front porch if you don’t want to order online. She will know that they are for me. She knows lots of things.

I really wish someone would sponsor me. If they want to gift a sponsorship to someone for Christmas I will send the most amazingly charming photo to them.



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