Here I am with my friends Newman and Madison.

Here I am with my friends Newman and Madison.

Dear Santa,

As you can see, I’m a very dapper rooster, and keep my feathers nice and clean even when it’s muddy out.  I’m an unusually polite guy, and I spend most of my days making sure the sheep and goats are OK.  Sometimes I take naps with them.

Santa, I would really like a new drinking fountain. There is always a long line to use the one we have, and a certain duck who shall remain nameless make our water all mucky . For similar reasons I would also like a new poultry feeder. That hillbilly duck just steps right into our feed bowl. Can you imagine?

I’ve never been sponsored and I would love that! There is no better candidate for the love, affection, and admiration of a good sponsor!


Roberto the Rooster

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