belloDear Santa,

I’m sure you’re very busy, so I’ll keep my letter short. I’m doing OK and I’ve been nice to everyone, but I haven’t always felt well this year so I’m glad Christmas is coming.

I would love it if you could send me some of that nice smelling gel that helps my skin? Miss Tanya comes every day to wash my legs, and she always puts the gel on my legs because otherwise they get kind of sore (I have a bladder problem and I dribble on my legs which is sort of embarassing). Now, I would also really love a new halter – my current halter is missing the throat-latch and is also pretty worn out.  This horse halter is mighty fine, and looks very safe for me. I would love if someone sponsored me this year, too. I’m a big, handsome fella, and it takes a lot of hay eating to keep me warm over the winter.



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