Dear Santa,

Am I not just totally irresistible?

Am I not just totally irresistible?

I have been a really good girl this year.  I’ve ridden in the car to schools and other places to meet little children, and didn’t even head-butt anyone there. In fact, I was sweet and the little kids loved me.  I grew a beautiful, fluffy fleece which will be made into something lovely by the crafty ladies who come here. It’s true, I do chase Susan the Cookie Lady whenever she comes to visit, but she seems to like me anyhow.

I would like to ask for …. MORE COOKIES!   I just love cookies, and sometimes I even share with the other sheep.  Since I travel a lot, I’d really like a new lead rope that is more fashionable – this bright pink one made of cotton looks very comfortable and I would not let any of the grubby horses or goats use it ever.   I also wish that someone would sponsor me.  They will get a super cute photo of my face, and learn about my history and personality  – and they can come to visit me!

I love you Santa,

Angel, the Jacob Sheep in Boyds, Maryland (in case you need to know my location!)

Star Gazing Farm mailing address:
16760 Whites Store Road
Boyds, MD 20841