Dear Santa,

anyaThis is my first letter to you ever, in my whole life. I didn’t know we were allowed to write you letters, but I love this idea.

I am a partridge – but I don’t have a pear tree. However, I found this really nice perch on  I love to sit on perches, and since I live in the house, this will make me much happier.   I also would honestly like some food of my own that is special to my species.   Finally, I have never been sponsored by anyone – I think it would be really nice if someone, maybe a young lady or young man, would sponsor me and make me their special friend.  I’m told it is only $25 for a year’s sponsorship and I’ve heard it is so easy to do, although I don’t really know because I’m not allowed on the computer – why not try it out!

Thank you, Santa, for reading my letter!

Love, Anya

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