Dear Santa,

Hi, I'm Tabitha!

Hi, I’m Tabitha!

I have been a very good kitty this year.  Occasionally I’ve fought with my sisters and tried to trip Farmer Anne when she was going down the stairs, but at the end of the day, I cuddle up with whoever is handy and purr, and make them feel loved.  I feel this is my main job.  I do occasionally bring little dead bodies into the house as well.  It’s a great way to wake up Farmer Anne.  Here is my list for what I’d REALLY like for Christmas this year:

  1. This is the cat food I really, really like the best -Wellness.  You can get it on Amazon on our wish list 🙂
  2. It’s time for me to have a checkup.  I know most cats don’t like their vets, but I LOVE my vet, Dr. Peter Eeg.  He is sweet to me and gives me cat treats.  Santa, you can just call in your credit card (I know you must have one, after all it’s 2015!) to the vet clinic 301-972-7705 and let them know it’s for ME (not my sisters).
  3. Perhaps one of your elves would like to sponsor me?  For a gift of $50 to the farm, they will get a super nice photograph of me, and a biography, plus a certificate that they have a special relationship to me.  They can sponsor me here! 

Love, Tabitha

PS No more collars.  You can forget the collars, don’t put one in my stocking, and don’t wrap one up.  Please please don’t give me a collar.