Shearing Day at the Farm – April 25, 2020

Sheep shearing

Sheep shearing

Shearing day is quite possibly the most important day of the year for a fiber animal.  Fiber animals are those who have been bred over centuries to grow hair/fleece/wool  – it does not shed on its own and therefore it is our job to remove it for them so that they are cool for the summer.

Our shearing day is always open to the public.  It is a great educational experience for young and old, alike.  You will have the opportunity to touch the animals before and after shearing, and to feel the fiber after it comes off.  If you are a spinner and wish to purchase any of the fiber, we will negotiate that with the animals!

Saturday April 25, 2020, noon-4 Rain or Shine

We’ll be shearing our sheep, alpacas, llamas. and Angora goats.  In addition to shearing, we will be trimming toenails, and doing a bit of dental work on the llamas and alpacas.  You can see the fiber as it comes freshly off the animals, learn about skirting, sorting, dyeing, and see what harvesting fleece is all about.

Many people ask, does it hurt the animal?  The answer is no! In fact, if you don’t shear annually, the wool keeps on growing and growing and growing and can be a real health hazard, so we shear once a year in the spring.

This event is free and open to the public, but please do leave your own pets at home.  Directions to the farm.