Bunny Motel Reservation Request

Thank you for your request to board your small animal at our Bunny Motel.  We’ll get back to you about availability and specific arrangements.

What you should bring:

  • Litterbox
  • Litter (if you do not wish to use the carefresh we use)
  • Pellets or special food (if you do not use Oxbow timothy pellets)
  • Water bowl or bottle
  • Any toys your animal may enjoy

Times to drop off and pick up:

We do not have full time staffing at the farm and so we ask you to please make arrangements to drop of or pick up in the mornings (before 9:30 am) or in the evenings (after 6 pm).

First time at the farm?

Directions:  www.stargazingfarm.org/directions

Our front gate is always closed because animals are loose on the farm.  The gate is chained, not locked.  Please chain it behind you before driving up to the house. Please drive slowly – animals are walking in the driveway.

Drive up to the left side of the house to the side deck. That is the entrance to the farm office and bunny motel.

Contact us at:  bunnysitting@stargazingfarm.org