Santa Letter items 2019

Many thanks to all the wonderful and kind people who have sent gifts by mail and brought gifts in person for the animals this holiday season! It’s been just a joy for everyone! Folks requested a summary of what’s been received and, so that is included below and will be updated daily.

PLEASE NOTE: Many boxes of gifts arrived with no notation in them as to who they were from. If you’d like to receive a charitable contribution receipt for your gift, please contact us at  Also, if you have ordered something and/or don’t see that your item has been marked as received, please contact us so we can check.

Thank you again – these gifts really make a difference to everyone at the farm!

Items with lines through them have been received and thank you!

Animal Item URL
Cracky Litter
Indoor grass
Bruno Training halter
Jenny Goat treats
Mother lode of treats
Heat lamp
Waldo Q-tips
Sorting panels
Cotton swabs
Petey Halter
Salt block
Jolly ball
Jethro Bow Tie Collar
Dee Dee Grooming kit
Face brush
Feed storage bin
Gallo Bugs
Heat lamp
Heat lamp bulbs
Ricardo Collar
Lead rope
Sam Pee pads
Zero Odor
Zoe Treats
Hay treats
Madison Work Gloves
Heat lamp bulbs
Senna Fan
Fly mask
May May Mealworms
Vet wrap
Pippa Collar
Cookie Cutter
Nicole Wide tooth comb
George chin Cage pan
Dust bath
George goose Heated poultry waterer
Grass seed
Ray Ray Stall Guard
Blueberry Red Wheat
White wheat
Nesting box bottoms
Brandy Rake
Barn contribution
Old Vinnie Hoof trimmers
Drench gun
Cydectin de-wormer
Little Vinnie Mineral Block
Zoom audio recorder
Marguerite Bowl
Tractor tires