Meet Cheryl!

cherylMy name is Cheryl Mawo. I’ve been a psychotherapist in Silver Spring, Maryland, for 25 years. Before that I worked at a law firm in DC and before that I lived in Cameroon, West Africa, for 8 years. I’m originally from Oregon. I love to knit and crochet and make hats, scarves, wristers, and children’s sweaters for the SGF gift shop. Now I am learning to spin yarn on a spindle.

Who is your favorite animal on the farm and why?

It’s hard to choose just one favorite animal on the farm because they all have charismatic personalities, but I do feel a bond with Bello the horse. He’s so majestic and calm with all the animals and people meandering around him.

scarfWhat about volunteering here makes you most happy ?

I find volunteering at the farm to be spiritually uplifting. Animals seem to connect directly with my heart. And Anne is so warm and appreciative of all we do to help her and the animals.

afghanDo you have animals at your home you’d like to mention?

My husband Jim and I have a handsome rescued German Shepherd named Bosco, 10 years old. Bosco keeps us busy walking him, cooking his food, and generally trying to outsmart him.

What is a fun fact about you?

One day I answered the phone at home and found myself having a lovely chat with Archbishop Desmond Tutu who had dialed my number by mistake.