Meet Blair!

blairMy name is Blair Stanford, and I live in Northern Virginia. I work for the federal government, and originally learned about Star Gazing Farm via the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). Wanting to see the actual farm, I signed up to attend a SGF volunteer day. I grabbed my boots, gloves and baseball hat and headed to the farm to help split firewood and paint a fence. The day was great; it was filled with friendly volunteers and animals, with Farmer Anne providing direction and encouragement and introducing all of the participants. I fell in love with SGF that day.

What is your favorite animal on the farm and why?

It’s so difficult to pick just one animal, as they each have their own personalities and are all truly special. Since I can’t pick, I’ll note a few of my favorites: Rocky the steer as he is huge, gentle and curious. It’s probably not true but I like to think that he acknowledges me each time I arrive; Sam the dog, an alert, strong, and somewhat shy animal who always seems to be patrolling the farm; Jack the rabbit, the biggest and friendliest rabbit I have ever met; Parsnip the sheep, as she has beautiful fleece and moves with a sense of elegance.

blairanimalsWhat about volunteering here makes you most happy ?

There is always something to be done at SGF so volunteers have the opportunity to help in a huge variety of ways. Whatever your skill and abilities are, there is a way to contribute and everyone works together to get the job done. I love that the animals are free-ranging, that you have the opportunity to work directly with them, and that you can immediately see how your efforts benefit the farm and the animal residents.  I particularly like working on events that introduce the public to the SGF animals and that promote education and interest in the farm.

Do you have animals at your home you’d like to mention?

I grew up with dogs and cats and most recently had two wire fox terriers (big dogs in little bodies.)

What is a fun fact about you?

In my spare time I enjoy west coast swing and country-western dancing.