Meet Barb!

barb1I’m Barb Thaler. My husband and I started as volunteers while accompanying our daughter Rose for her SSL hours. It’s an outdoor family outing where we meet folks who share the love of the farm, work hard, and feel good about what we’ve learned and accomplished. Not only do we come as a family on Saturdays, but I love coming as well on a weekday. It feels like a getaway that allows me to connect with nature and animals while helping a wonderful cause. The physical work is great exercise that’s a lot more fun than going to a gym. The physical work has also been extremely helpful as a means to release any pent up anxiety. I always have a good nights sleep after a days work on the farm. It’s very peaceful during the week, outside of the interspecies banter that goes on, and satisfying to help Farmer Anne Shroeder. I’m also a certified Montgomery county “weed warrior” which allows me to save native trees by removing non native invasive vines.

barbWhat  is your favorite animal on the farm and why?

It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I think Dee Dee and Bello are super calm and sweet.

Do you have animals at your home you’d like to mention?
At home we have Ella, the sweetest, most loving golden/ lab mix ever. We also have a cuddly Holland lop rabbit named Pancake, and 2 parakeets, Skye and Indie.

What are some fun facts about you?

I love stand up comedy, dancing to funky music and singing harmony. Oh yea, and I’m a foodie.