Some of the best gifts you can give the animals are those that will be put to immediate use. If you’d like to contribute with gifts in kind, you can feel good that you are helping in a very direct way. We provide charitable contribution receipts for such gifts.  Most items can be obtained from pet stores, grocery stores, hardware stores, or farm supply stores.  ** indicates heavily used items

Summer Wishlist!

We have put together a special “we wish we had these…” for summertime.  The needs are different on the farm in summer; we also get a lot more visitors and, of course, we host the very heavily attended farm tour the fourth weekend in July.  Any contributions are tax-deductible.

All-year wishlist

Download our wishlist

Other ways you can help!

  • Tell your friends and family who work for state, local, or federal government that we participate in the Combined Federal Campaign: #86412 You can also write us in on the United Way Campaign.
  • Ask if your company does charitable programs or matching donations – many do!
  • We participate in the smile.amazon.com program – .5% of your purchases can be donated by Amazon.com to the Star Gazing Farm.          
  • We also have an Amazon.com Wishlist


  • Dry dog food (adult) **
  • Dry cat food (adult) **
  • Oxbow timothy pellets for rabbits **
  • Large bales of pine shavings **
  • Fresh greens and fruits for the animals **
  • Carefresh litter for rabbits **
  • Wild birdseed


  • Paper towels **
  • Contractor garbage bags**
  • Scrub brushes and sponges**
  • White Vinegar


  • Vet Wrap **
  • Gauze Bandages


  • Forever stamps**
  • Canon printer cartridges #240, 241
  • Gift cards for where we shop the most: Tractor Supply, Southern States, Target, Lowe’s, Home Depot, and any gas station


  • White exterior paint (for fences – Behr)
  • Wide barn shovels, pitchforks, muckrakes, garden rakes, wheelbarrows


  • Stock or bumper-pull horse trailer that can pass MD inspection