Meet Our Volunteers!

Meet Blair!

blair-newmanMy name is Blair Stanford, and I originally learned about Star Gazing Farm via the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). I particularly like working on events that introduce the public to the SGF animals and that promote education and interest in the farm.

Meet Nikki

nikki My name is Nikki Schmitzer. I work full-time at a law firm in DC and love the escape from the corporate world to the peaceful farm in the country. My favorite animal at the farm is Dee Dee Donkey. She is an old lady with the perfect mix of sweet and feisty. Read more about Nikki


Meet Kimberly!

kim-fpMy name is Kimberly Kim, and I’m a freshman at Holton-Arms School. My favorite subjects are Art and History (I hope to take art history my senior year). I honestly think the farm is one of the most special places for me to spend my time in. The farm really builds a connection between you, the animals, and the people. In the future, I hope to become an architect and travel all around the world and design buildings to help both people and animals.

Meet Cheryl!

cherylsqMy name is Cheryl Mawo. I’ve been a psychotherapist in Silver Spring, Maryland, for 25 years. I find volunteering at the farm to be spiritually uplifting. Animals seem to connect directly with my heart. And Anne is so warm and appreciative of all we do to help her and the animals.

Meet Jake!

jake2My name is Jake and I love being able to help animals. I get the most happy when I see the other animals relaxing with each other. My favorite animal is Sam because I was here when he came and I remember him being scared of me and now he loves me and I love him.

Meet Eilis!

eilis-fpMy name is Eilis Donohue. I’ve just graduated high school and am heading to Vassar College in a few short months! What makes me happiest about volunteering here is that it’s so evident that the animals are happy.



Meet Anne!

anne-sqMy name is Anne Shroeder, and I bought this property (which was christened Star Gazing Farm shortly thereafter) in 2002. I’ve always loved animals, and it seems to have run in my family, as my mother was always helping homeless dogs and feeding stray cats, and my grandmother used to regularly go to the horse auctions and buy the saddest creatures to take home with her.

Meet Barb!

barb20I’m Barb Thaler. My husband and I started as volunteers while accompanying our daughter Rose for her SSL hours. It’s an outdoor family outing where we meet folks who share the love of the farm, work hard, and feel good about what we’ve learned and accomplished.


Meet Derek!

dereksqMy name is Derek, and I could go on and on about why I love working at Star Gazing Farm, which I did in multiple college essays I wrote this year. In one of these essays I summarized why I love the farm: Each time I return home covered in sweat, dirt, and debris, I feel proud of my decisions, of who I am, and what I am doing for these wonderful animals.