Graham the Goat

Born early 2006
Boer goat

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Graham had a rather dramatic beginning to his career at Star Gazing Farm. He was found as a stray in Howard County and taken in by animal control. He was adopted out to a home where the fencing could not keep him in; an acquaintance offered to take him, but then subsequently sold him to a meat goat farm!

Tails of Hope animal sanctuary sprang him from the farm and brought him here, where he spent approximately 2 hours inside a stall and then broke out of that. He was intended to be a foster (we were looking for a permanent home for him) but then he fell in love with Rosalita, and we could not break up that relationship!

Graham is very calm and sweet, and almost never gets into trouble.


It is unhealthy for wethers to have much grain. He and the other wethers get sunflower seeds as treats; they contain ammonium chloride which helps prevent the common (and deadly) ailment urinary calculi. He gets a mix of timothy, orchard grass, and alfalfa hay, and all the grass, flowers, and trees he likes.

Graham receives a yearly shot of CD/T and rabies. He is wormed every 6 weeks alternating Safeguard and Ivermectin. His hooves are trimmed every six weeks, at the same time.

Goats hate getting wet, so it’s important for them to have a shelter to go to. The side barn door stays open all the time (mostly because Newman busted it) so the goats can go in and out as they please. There are fans in the barn in the summertime.

Would you like to sponsor Graham?