#GivingTuesday for Star Gazing Farm

You can help the animals by making a donation for GivingTuesday – every dollar up to $1000 will be matched by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and all processing fees are waived!  Did you know that you can also create a fundraiser for Star Gazing Farm of your own?  Up to 50 individual people can create a fundraiser like this, and every dollar will be matched!  This is at no cost to you or to us.  It is just a pure, joyful way to raise funds to help our dear, sweet, deserving animals!

Donate at one of our ongoing fundraisers:

Anne’s fundraiser

Kathe’s fundraiser

Blair’s fundraiser

Create a Fundraiser for us!

Step 1:  Go to Facebook fundraising page

They provide step-by-step guidelines for setting up a fundraiser, but you can also look at our steps outlined below.

Step 2: Click on “select Non profit”

Step 3:  In the search box at the top, type in Star Gazing Farm

Step 4:  Fill in how much you want to raise (the maximum for any single #GivingTuesday campaign is $1000) and the end date of your campaign (we recommend December 3)

Step 5:  “Tell the story” – you can use the pre-filled in story or write your own, if you have personal experience at the farm you think might inspire folks to donate!!

Step 6:  Pick your cover banner.  We suggest the one with animals on it  🙂

Step 7:  Follow their guidelines on inviting your friends to the fundraiser and posting on your news feed.  You can also share on Instagram, Twitter, and other Social Media Platforms.