Giving Tuesday – you can help us!

Tuesday, December 3 is an important day of raising funds for this farm.  I know that the entire non-profit world is also raising funds that day, and that is cool!  We have found this day to be extremely helpful to us.  For example, last year’s donations on Giving Tuesday enabled us to buy a winter’s worth of hay.  That is a huge gift to us.  We operate on a very bare bones budget, so fundraisers like this truly help us.

ALSO — a very generous anonymous donor has pledged $1000 to be matched dollar for dollar on any donations we receive up to that amount on Tuesday.

What is Giving Tuesday? 

#GivingTuesday, as many people refer to it, is a national day of giving.  It is also a day when certain groups match, dollar for dollar, the donations given to a non-profit.

How to set up a fundraiser for us

1. Go to this page on Facebook

2. Type in “Star Gazing Farm” and we will come up. Select and press next.

3. Decide how much you’d like to try to help us raise and how long you want the fundraiser to last for.  Facebook puts in an automatic title and description, but you can change it to reflect your own personal experience at the farm, or describe why you’d like to help the animals here.  Note that matching donations are only made on Tuesday, but people can still donate until your fundraiser is over.

4. Select a banner image.  Facebook provides you with a clipart banner, but we have created several other banners you can use that are really sweet.  Click on the “edit” button in the bottom right corner to upload a different one.  Below are banners that you can download and use.

5. Once you create the fundraiser, it will go live on your page.  You can also share the link with us on our facebook page or email the link to us if you prefer.  That way many more people will see the fundraiser and hopefully help us out!


Right click and save to your computer.