Progress on our New Barn Construction

Barn layout plans with flexible fencing/gate models.

Barn layout plans with flexible fencing/gate models.

kimiko-before-afterWe realized this year when we took in Kimiko, the terribly abused sheep who needed to be given intensive rehabilitation care for over 3 weeks, that we truly needed another space for the large animals to include an additional hospitalization area.  Such a barn had been under consideration for some time, but Kimiko’s needs brought the situation to the forefront!

A great deal of work has now gone into the building of the new barn at Star Gazing Farm.  Currently we have one two-barn stall and a small infirmary area, and so our ability to take in and treat large animals is limited by this space.

The model for our new barn; we will be making some changes to it to fit our animals' needs.

The model for our new barn; we will be making some changes to it to fit our animals’ needs.

We have selected a modest barn with a flexible design so that spaces can be left open or gated, according to need. Additionally, this barn will include a headgate for our oxen Rocky and Bullwinkle so that they can be safely examined, given vaccinations, and have their hooves trimmed. They weigh approximatley 2,500 pounds and so the structure needs to be sturdy!

Much of the work in building a beautiful new building is not glamorous!  We had a professional grader come to trench to place new water lines (to both side pastures), and electric lines to the barn.  He built up the pad and graded everything according to specification.

At the same time, an Eagle scout troop has offered to donate and refurbish a small building that we can use as our welcome center and so our grader David also prepared this pad at the same time.  Please check out our slideshow to see the progress we have made.

We are very grateful for all the financial support given by so many people towards this project!  We are, sadly, still a few dollars short.  Won’t you consider helping us get this barn up before winter hits hard?  Thank you!!