Farm Stories (or, "The Chronicles of Newman")

A Peaceable Kingdom

Raise your hands, now – how many of you actually can’t get to sleep at night until your dog or cat is snugly in bed with you?  How many of you have had to toss your partner onto the couch because “there are too many bodies for this bed”?  Who among you would rather hang out with your friends’ pets at a party than try to meet new folks?  I thought so. So take it up a notch or three and you might just land on a farm. [read full story]

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Concierge Dogs

sam-sq-snowThese are working dogs. Livestock guardian dogs. Big, white, fluffy, smiling, cute, huggable, and utterly lethal to predators. Travel anywhere in farmland and you will see these big white dogs dotting the countryside. Laying down. Taking a sunbath. Stretched out and utterly relaxed. On vacation. “My God, they’re all asleep at the wheel”, a casual observer might say. You of little faith, you have not seen a slumbering LGD rise up in a millisecond to address an issue with tiger-like ferocity. [read the full story]

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The Cow Party

cows-sqIn these times of long, long political discussions, campaigning and elections, post-elections campaigning, protests, post-mortem essays, and all the rest — I offer you a tale about cows. Yes, cows. “Really? The country is in a state of immense change and she wants to talk about bovines???” Read on, my fellow Americans, if you wish to be enlightened. [read more]

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Bald Spots

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sully-sq-fp“Sullivan the dog also has a comb-over of sorts.  One doesn’t often see bald dogs, especially in the lab family.  The other day a young volunteer at the farm made a remark about his naked bum.  I, now learned in the ways of hair loss, jumped to his defense. “Oh, it used to be much worse,” I said. ”  [read more]

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Vivent les différences!

Of late I have noticed a great brouhaha in the news about who can use what bathroom and under what circumstance. I’ve been frankly stymied at the vast array of options and decision points that one must consider before being allowed to pee.  This is not something that troubles our animals here on the farm.  Oddly enough, the fact that they are bothered by neither modesty nor convention always agitates the youngest visitors at the farm: “Ewww, he’s pooping!”   (This statement is often accompanies by a little foot-stomping and face squinting).

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