Dramatic rescue of sheep from I-270N

Press Release

July 6, 2015

Our first view of the elusive white sheep, amongst the berry bushes right along route 270.

Our first view of the elusive white sheep, amongst the berry bushes right along route 270.

Germantown, MD – In early June a white sheep (initially misidentified as a goat) was seen running loose in the Clarksburg/Germantown area, worrying drivers and animal lovers alike. Since July 1 the sheep had been sighted numerous times on route I-270 at Middleburg Road, exit 13A, near the off-ramp. Concerned about the danger both to the animal and to citizens driving on the highway, many citizens posted to the Montgomery County Lost Pets page on Facebook, and contacted two local farm sanctuaries – Poplar Spring animal sanctuary in Poolesville, MD and Star Gazing Farm animal sanctuary in Boyds, MD. The sanctuaries responded immediately to ensure the safety of the stray animal. Calls made to state police and local animal control yielded no results.


At his new home, safe and sound!

Very early in the morning on July 5, Terry Cummings and Dave Hoerauf of Poplar Spring, and Anne Shroeder and Tanya Henderson of Star Gazing Farm, located the sheep, and herded him east of the sound barrier wall, blocking his access to the highway. Later that evening additional volunteers from Star Gazing Farm Diane Ray and Susan Airis-Epes joined in to assist with a safe and humane capture. Several very helpful children from the neighborhood of Staleybridge Road in Germantown joined in to ensure the safety of the sheep and should be applauded for their participation.

Angel, the feminine sheep

Angel, the feminine sheep

It was the allure of the feminine that brought this roving man to roost. Angel, a Jacob ewe who lives at Star Gazing Farm, persuaded this ram to follow her into the safety of a stock trailer.

Both highway drivers and this sheep are safely out of the woods; this lost sheep will have a permanent home at Poplar Spring animal sanctuary.


To learn more about this rescue mission, please contact
Anne Shroeder, Star Gazing Farm
16760 Whites Store Road
Boyds, MD 20841
tel: 301-349-0802 or 301-755-8400
Terry Cummings, Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary
P.O. Box 507
Poolesville, MD 20837
tel: 301-428-8128
email: info@animalsanctuary.org