Charlie the Duck

Aren’t I cute? I’m so friendly,too.

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My name is Charlie and I am new here. I am a Khaki Campbell duck.  Someone bought me for Easter and then threw me and my family away on a lake when we got bigger and started pooping.  Pooping is a duck’s job so I don’t know why they were so surprised.  Anyhow, raspberries to them.  All of my brothers and sisters died on the lake but someone found me all alone and brought me to a lady who helped me out.  She was wonderful.

But I was lonely.  I used to go to the lady’s door every night and knock on her door with my beak, because I needed some company.  She loved me but she knew I needed a girlfriend of the duck sort. She found this Star Gazing Farm place for me where I have two girlfriends, Harriet and Hester.  I love them.  I have a stiff leg from an old injury.  But I get around ok and I follow my girls wherever they go.

You can see me and my girls in this little video!


Would you like to sponsor Charlie?