Wish List for Zachary

Sweet Zachary, who nearly died from starvation, had a bit of a setback last week. The ongoing ulcer in his right eye erupted and the eye had to be removed.  He has had a lot of trouble putting on weight, which also caused some pressure sores.  The hospital did a biopsy and found that he has inflammatory bowel syndrome – treatable by steroids – with treatment he should start to really gain weight quickly.

We hope his hospital stay will only be a while longer.  We are welcoming donations of any amount to be made to his fund.  We have also put together a wishlist of things that you can send or bring to him that will help him out!


Cumulative Wishlist from Animals – Santa Letters 2018

Date of letter Animal Item desired Received?
12/1 Mamie, dog Bowls: https://tinyurl.com/bowls-for-mamie




12/1 Mamie, dog Bones: https://tinyurl.com/bones-for-mamie




12/1 Mamie, dog Sponsorship: http://www.stargazingfarm.org/animals/sponsor-an-animal/ Received!
12/2 Don Giovanni, rabbit Apple/timothy biscuits: https://tinyurl.com/biscuits-giovanni




12/2 Don Giovanni, rabbit Oxbow treats: https://tinyurl.com/assortment-giovanni




12/2 Don Giovanni, rabbit Vacuum: https://tinyurl.com/bunny-vacuum Received!


12/2 Don Giovanni, rabbit Sponsorship: http://www.stargazingfarm.org/animals/sponsor-an-animal/ Received!


12/3 Sweetly, goat Goat Treats: https://tinyurl.com/treats-for-sweetly




12/3 Sweetly, goat Water guns: https://tinyurl.com/water-guns-for-sweetly Received!


12/3 Sweetly, goat Sponsorship: http://www.stargazingfarm.org/animals/sponsor-an-animal/ Received!
12/4 Sullivan, dog Freezer


12/4 Sullivan, dog Bed: https://tinyurl.com/bed-for-sully


12/4 Sullivan, dog Bed pads: https://tinyurl.com/pads-for-sully Received!
12/4 Sullivan, dog Sponsorship: http://www.stargazingfarm.org/animals/sponsor-an-animal/ Received!
12/5 Redd, rooster Feeder: https://tinyurl.com/feeder-for-redd Received!
12/5 Redd, rooster Leg bands: https://tinyurl.com/leg-bands-for-redd Received!
12/5 Redd, rooster Sponsorship: http://www.stargazingfarm.org/animals/sponsor-an-animal/ Received!
12/6 Carmen, cow Cowbell: https://tinyurl.com/swiss-cowbell-for-carmen Received!
12/6 Carmen, cow Halter: https://tinyurl.com/halter-for-carmen Received!
12/6 Carmen, cow Large mineral feeder: https://tinyurl.com/mineral-feeder-example Not yet!
12/6 Carmen, cow Sponsorship: http://www.stargazingfarm.org/animals/sponsor-an-animal/ Received!
12/7 Maria, cat Special food: https://tinyurl.com/sensitive-food-for-maria Received!
12/7 Maria, cat Three-cat-feeder: https://tinyurl.com/feeder-for-maria Received!
12/7 Maria, cat Sponsorship: http://www.stargazingfarm.org/animals/sponsor-an-animal/ Received!
12/8 George, Chinchilla Replacement pan for condo: https://tinyurl.com/bottom-pan-for-george Not yet!
12/8 George, Chinchilla Replacement pan for condo- middle area: https://tinyurl.com/middle-pan-for-george Not yet!
12/8 George, Chinchilla Perch: https://tinyurl.com/rounded-perch-for-george Received!
12/8 George, Chinchilla Chinchilla treats: https://tinyurl.com/treats-for-george Received!
12/8 George, Chinchilla Sponsorship: http://www.stargazingfarm.org/animals/sponsor-an-animal/ Not yet!
12/9 Milo, dog Bowls: https://tinyurl.com/bowls-for-milo


12/9 Milo, dog Bones: https://tinyurl.com/bones-for-milo


12/9 Milo, dog Sponsorship: http://www.stargazingfarm.org/animals/sponsor-an-animal/ Received!
12/10 Dee Dee Donkey Hoof picks: https://tinyurl.com/hoof-pick-for-deedee Received!
12/10 Dee Dee Donkey Brush: https://tinyurl.com/brush-for-deedee Received!
12/10 Dee Dee Donkey Barn shovel: https://tinyurl.com/shovel-for-deedee Received!
12/10 Dee Dee Donkey Sponsorship: http://www.stargazingfarm.org/animals/sponsor-an-animal/ Received!
12/11 Senna the alpaca Cookies – soft: https://tinyurl.com/treats-for-senna Received!
12/11 Senna the alpaca Mrs. Pastures cookies: https://tinyurl.com/mrs-pastures-cookies Received!
12/11 Senna the alpaca Minerals: https://tinyurl.com/alpaca-minerals-104 Received!
12/11 Senna the alpaca Tractor bucket (please contact us for details) Not yet!
12/12 Newman Goat Vet wrap: https://tinyurl.com/vet-wrap-for-newman Received!
12/12 Newman Goat Curved-tip syringes: https://tinyurl.com/irrigation-tips-for-newman Received!
12/12 Newman Goat Fig Newtons Received!
12/12 Newman Goat Shoe protectors for visitors: https://tinyurl.com/booties-for-newmans-visitors Received!
12/12 Newman Goat Sponsorship: http://www.stargazingfarm.org/animals/sponsor-an-animal/ Received!
12/13 Leo the Goat Hose quick-connects: https://tinyurl.com/quick-connect-hose-tools Not yet!
12/13 Leo the Goat Hose splitters: https://tinyurl.com/hose-splitter Not yet!
12/13 Leo the Goat Fence-fixing tools: https://tinyurl.com/fence-fixing-tools Received!
12/13 Leo the Goat
Sponsorship: http://www.stargazingfarm.org/animals/sponsor-an-animal/
Not yet!
12/14 Ray Ray, the sheep Heater water bucket: https://tinyurl.com/heated-water-bucket Received!
12/14 Ray Ray, the sheep Eye wash: https://tinyurl.com/eye-wash-for-ray Received!
12/14 Ray Ray, the sheep Eye ointment: https://tinyurl.com/ophthalmic-ointment-for-ray Received!
12/14 Ray Ray, the sheep Sponsorship: http://www.stargazingfarm.org/animals/sponsor-an-animal/ Received!
12/15 Waldo the pig Vitamins: https://tinyurl.com/vitamins-for-waldo Received!
12/15 Waldo the pig Coconut oil: https://tinyurl.com/coconut-oil-for-waldo Received!
12/15 Waldo the pig Cordless dremel: https://tinyurl.com/toenail-dremel-for-waldo Received!
12/15 Waldo the pig
Sponsorship: http://www.stargazingfarm.org/animals/sponsor-an-animal/
12/16 George the goose Broom for the chicken barn: https://tinyurl.com/broom-for-missus-george Not yet!
12/16 George the goose Shovel: https://tinyurl.com/shovel-for-georges-missus Received!
12/16 George the goose Extension cord: https://tinyurl.com/extension-cord-for-george Received!
12/16 George the goose Better deal on 2 extension cords:  https://tinyurl.com/twofer-extension-cords-for-geo Received!
12/16 George the goose Sponsorship: http://www.stargazingfarm.org/animals/sponsor-an-animal/ Received!
12/17 Bruno the horse Eye wash: https://tinyurl.com/eye-wash-for-bruno Received!
12/17 Bruno the horse Fly mask: https://tinyurl.com/fly-mask-for-bruno Received!
12/17 Bruno the horse A top loading washing machine (older model is preferred, used is just fine!) Not yet!
12/17 Bruno the horse Sponsorship: http://www.stargazingfarm.org/animals/sponsor-an-animal/ Not yet!
12/18 Salvo the horse Lead rope: https://tinyurl.com/lead-rope-for-salvo Received!
12/18 Salvo the horse Lunge line: https://tinyurl.com/lunge-line-for-salvo Not yet!
12/18 Salvo the horse Battery for clipper: https://tinyurl.com/battery-for-horse-clippers Received!
12/18 Salvo the horse Sponsorship: http://www.stargazingfarm.org/animals/sponsor-an-animal/ Not yet!
12/19 Little Vinnie Walkie Talkies: https://tinyurl.com/walkie-talkies-for-vinnie Received!
12/19 Little Vinnie Berry-flavored goat snacks: https://tinyurl.com/goat-snacks-for-vinnie Not yet!
12/19 Little Vinnie Sponsorship: http://www.stargazingfarm.org/animals/sponsor-an-animal/ Not yet!
12/20 Cinnamon Tunnel ledge: https://tinyurl.com/cuddle-ledge-for-cinnamon Received!
12/20 Cinnamon Litter box: https://tinyurl.com/big-litter-box-for-cinnamon Received!
12/20 Cinnamon Top loading washing machine (same request as Bruno!) Not yet!
12/20 Cinnamon Sponsorship: http://www.stargazingfarm.org/animals/sponsor-an-animal/ Not yet!
12/21 Angel Collar: https://tinyurl.com/collar-for-angel Received!
12/21 Angel Hoof trimmer sharpener: https://tinyurl.com/hoof-trim-sharpener-for-angel Received!
12/21 Angel
Sponsorship: http://www.stargazingfarm.org/animals/sponsor-an-animal/
Not yet!
12/22 Brandy Hand warmers: https://tinyurl.com/hand-warmers-for-brandy Received!
12/22 Brandy Hoof rasp for Brandy: https://tinyurl.com/hoof-rasp-for-brandy Not yet!
12/22 Brandy Sponsorship: http://www.stargazingfarm.org/animals/sponsor-an-animal/ Not yet!
12/23 Madison Bandage scissors: https://tinyurl.com/scissors-for-madison1 Not yet!
12/23 Madison Blunt-tipped scissors: https://tinyurl.com/scissors-for-madison2 Not yet!
12/23 Madison Gate wheels: https://tinyurl.com/gate-wheel Not yet!
12/23 Madison
Sponsorship: http://www.stargazingfarm.org/animals/sponsor-an-animal/
Not yet!
12/24 Ricardo Donate to the Ricardo medical fund: https://tinyurl.com/ricardo-medical-fund Not yet!
12/24 Ricardo Sponsorship: http://www.stargazingfarm.org/animals/sponsor-an-animal/ Not yet!



Meet Louisa


Louisa was so shy when she first arrived at SGF that is was almost impossible to get near her. But little by little she has joined our farm family. She spends time with the sheep flock in front of the big fan in the summer, and she has taken a liking to our three new alpaca! Read more about Louisa.


A rabbit with attitude

A rabbit with attitude

Oreo is the most ornery rabbit you are likely to ever meet.  She has reason, although we do feel she might have mellowed a bit over all this time now.

Oreo was brought here as a boarder.  She was a very angry rabbit.  Her owners never did come to pick her up which made her even angrier.  She would lash out at anyone trying to reach into her condo to feed her or,  God forbid, pet her.  She got the nickname “Killer Rabbit”, or, a la Monty Python, “Run away, run away”.  We suspect that her early years with her original owners were not a stellar example of animal care.

Over time she has mellowed.  She is very very sweet if you let her run around and will sit in your lap for hours.  But if you reach into her condo without her permission …. UH OH!

Would you like to sponsor Oreo?

Meet Emma!

emma-fpEmma was living in the woods area of a children’s camp.  She shared the space with 3 very obnoxious (but funny) goats who had no concern for her welfare. The caretaker, too, was lacking in that department. She slowly became very thin and depressed, and started having problems walking properly on her hind legs. [Read more about Emma]

Sponsor Bob the Tractor

We are now opening up sponsorships of Bob the Tractor. Bob has had to go in for his regular checkup at the Frederick Kubota place, and he has several very costly repairs required.  Bob is a Very Important Person on this farm. He helps clean up manure and bedding; he gives great joy to our volunteer Dave who regularly turns and moves the compost piles, making wonderful fertilizer for local gardeners; he hauls hay around for the animals; and he allows young volunteers to gain experience driving a tractor.  Would you like to sponsor Bob?

  • Price: $50.00

Sometimes, you just need a kiss!

This Valentine’s Day, receive a big kiss from a loving animal

Select the animal(s) from whom you want your special valentine’s smooch and we’ll send you your very own digital postcard. Each “kiss” costs only $14 and is a tax-deductible donation to the farm. The kisses are totally germ- and slobber-free, and your donation will help care for the animals here at the sanctuary. You can buy a kiss for a friend, too!

2018-2019 Wish List

Some of the best gifts you can give the animals are those that will be put to immediate use. If you’d like to contribute with gifts in kind, you can feel good that you are helping in a very direct way.  We provide charitable contribution receipts for such gifts. Most items can be obtained from pet stores, grocery stores, hardware stores, or farm supply stores.

** indicates heavily used items


  • Dry dog food (adult) **
  • Dry cat food (adult) **
  • Oxbow timothy pellets for rabbits **
  • Large bales of pine shavings **
  • Fresh greens and fruits for the animals **
  • Carefresh litter for rabbits **
  • Wild birdseed


  • Paper towels **
  • Contractor garbage bags**
  • Scrub brushes and sponges**
  • White Vinegar


  • Vet Wrap **
  • Gauze Bandages
  • Neosporin
  • Iodine


  • Forever stamps**
  • Letter-sized envelopes (with peel off backing)
  • Gift cards for where we shop the most: Tractor Supply, Southern States, Target, Lowe’s, Home Depot, and any gas station


  • White exterior paint (for fences – Behr)
  • Wide barn shovels
  • Heavy duty garden rakes


  • Stock or bumper-pull horse trailer that can pass MD inspection

Meet Miss Bea

missbea225200Miss Bea took to the sheep flock here right away, and her sweet, calm presence always makes one smile. While she was very shy when she first arrived here, she now comes right up to people, particularly if they are carrying a molasses biscuit. These days Miss Bea has some arthritis in her legs, and she finds having her legs massaged is very enjoyable and soothing. Read more about Miss Bea.