Holiday Gift Shop and Open Farm – CANCELLED

So very sorry! The farm will be closed until February 1, 2019.

Animal control picked up a skunk on the property that tested positive for rabies.

None of our animals was injured in any way.

Another rabid skunk was found in another part of Boyds just two weeks prior to this. All of our animals are up to date on rabies vaccines, and are all getting booster shots.  However, we take rabies very seriously and so are voluntarily putting our farm under quarantine for the next 45 days (until February 1, 2019).

We will re-open and hold a make-up Santa in February event then!

Fall Festival on the Farm

Join us Saturday, October 20 from noon to 4 for a celebration of fall!  The weather should be beautiful!

Come dressed in your costume – kids will win a prize for costumes!

We’ll have traditional farm games for young and old, bake sale, hot cider, tours to meet the animals, and lovely hand-crafted items available for purchase in our gift shop.

This event is free and open to the public (but please leave your own pets at home).  This event is held as part of the Heritage Montgomery Harvest Festival.

Directions to the farm

Download flyer!

Farm Tour Days: 2018

Every summer the Montgomery County Farm Tour brings hundreds of visitors to our farm. There are so many poignant moments, when people connect with animals in sometimes unexpected ways. It’s a beautiful (but hot!) event. Kids get their faces painted, adults sit and watch the roosters in the trees, the goats get into people’s belongings, and people go home with one-of-a-kind souvenirs from our farm, including sponsorships of an animal.

This year please join us on Saturday, July 28 and 29 between 10 and 4!

The event is free and open to everyone, but please leave your pets at home. If you can carpool with friends, that is a great idea – we get pretty crowded!

We have guided tours to meet the animals face to face and learn their stories.  Our wonderful gift shop is open and this year we have more than 30 new, totally unique, hand-woven wool/alpaca rugs.  There are sno cones, a bake sale, and other refreshments available, and lots of craft activities for children.

Our address is 16760 Whites Store Road, Boyds, MD 20841

Shearing Day at the Farm – April 21, 2018

Sheep shearing

Sheep shearing

Shearing day is quite possibly the most important day of the year for a fiber animal.  Fiber animals are those who have been bred over centuries to grow hair/fleece/wool  – it does not shed on its own and therefore it is our job to remove it for them so that they are cool for the summer.

Our shearing day is always open to the public.  It is a great educational experience for young and old, alike.  You will have the opportunity to touch the animals before and after shearing, and to feel the fiber after it comes off.  If you are a spinner and wish to purchase any of the fiber, we will negotiate that with the animals!

Saturday April 21, 2018, noon-4 Rain or Shine

We’ll be shearing our sheep, alpacas, llamas. and Angora goats.  In addition to shearing, we will be trimming toenails, and doing a bit of dental work on the llamas and alpacas.  You can see the fiber as it comes freshly off the animals, learn about skirting, sorting, dyeing, and see what harvesting fleece is all about.


Many people ask, does it hurt the animal?  The answer is no! In fact, if you don’t shear annually, the wool keeps on growing and growing and growing and can be a real health hazard, so we shear once a year in the spring.

This event is free and open to the public, but please do leave your own pets at home.  Directions to the farm.

Animals’ Letters to Santa Claus

It’s their very own advent calendar!

The animals are all extremely busy right now writing their letters to Santa Claus. Most of them have been good, but a few of them have been naughty – I wonder if they will let on to Santa? This is the spot where you can read their letters. Each day a different animal will get to publish his or her letter. If you’d like to send them a gift that they ask for, it will make them very happy!

Click on today’s date to read today’s letter! You can also read the letters from previous days (in blue). Days in red … well, those are still a surprise!

2018 Star Gazing Farm wall calendar


The 2018 Star Gazing Calendars are here!  Each month features a gorgeous photo of our animals (by photographer Kathe Powell).  This is a 12-month calendar, 17″x 11″, and is in full color. with the last four months of 2017 in summary.  The calendar includes holidays, and the full, new, and crescent moons.

You can purchase the calendar at the farm or at one of our events, or order online.  All proceeds of sales of the calendar go directly to help care for our animals.

The cost is $20 per calendar (or $22 with shipping).  [take a peek inside!]

Calendar menu

2017 Farm Tour

Saturday-Sunday, July 22-23, 10-4:  Star Gazing Farm will participate in the annual Montgomery County Farm Tour.

Come and visit the sanctuary animals, tour the barnyard, enjoy our famous snowcones and cool off in the air conditioned gift shop and bunny motel.  Lots to do for all ages – and this event is FREE and open to the public (but please leave your own pets at home).

Directions to the farm




Be Our Valentine!

[Read our Valentine’s Day story “A Peaceable Kingdom”]

Dearheart, pumpkin pie, sweet pea, honey bun, boobooloo, sweetie … these are some of the adorable names that our animals frequently hear from the visitors and volunteers who love them so much.

In addition to finding the perfect nick name for the various animals, you can also show and share your love by becoming a Sustaining Friend of the Farm!  Spread your love out over the whole year, let them know that they are always in your thoughts.  What could make a better Valentine’s Day than warming the cockles of your own heart knowing that you’ve helped a creature in need live a safe and happy life?

Our amazing animals really do rely on the kindness of strangers.  We are so grateful for the contributions that we receive, as it supports and enables our efforts.  However, financial contributions often arrive in fits and spurts, as do the cash consuming medical emergencies, farm equipment breakdowns, and everyday unexpected needs. Sometimes we have few financial worries, and sometimes the coffers get rather low and it can be very worrisome. For the price of a few cups of coffee you can help provide the income stability we so dearly need to care for our charges. If you enjoy our stories, photos and news about the positive work we do at Star Gazing Farm, please consider becoming a sustaining Friend of the Farm by contributing as little as $10 a month. Just click on the button below – it’s easy to set up. And if at any time you find it’s no longer possible for you to give this amount, you can always change or cancel your gift.

Every little bit helps. Thank you for your consideration!


Monthly donation options:

Make a one-time gift:

Other options:

Some of our supporters have pledged to contribute a certain amount each month, but prefer not to use paypal. They have set up automatic “payments” through their bank, and we receive checks every month.


If you sign up to be a Friend of the Farm, you’ll receive an initial acknowledgement card along with a photo of one of our cuties, so please make sure to include your mailing address.   Your tax-deductible donation receipt will be sent to you at the end of the fiscal year.  Thank you for helping keep us on an even keel throughout the year!

Letters to Santa from the Animals!

The animals have written to Santa Claus this year – check out what they are asking for!

You can read some of the past letters as well as today’s!  If you want to see tomorrow’s letter (in red)… well, please come back tomorrow!

2016 Farm Tour

Saturday-Sunday, July 23-24, 10-5:  Star Gazing Farm is once again part of the annual Montgomery County Farm Tour.

Come and visit the sanctuary animals, tour the barnyard, enjoy our famous snowcones and cool off in the air conditioned gift shop and bunny motel.  Lots to do for all ages – and this event is FREE and open to the public (but please leave your own pets at home).

Directions to the farm


10:30 am:  TBD
11:30 am: Sheep shearing and hoof trimming demonstration
12:30 pm: All about chickens
1:30 pm: TBD
2:30 pm: Donkey grooming – hands on workshop

10:30 am: Sheep shearing and wool spinning
11:30 am: Fiber preparation: skirting, washing, combing, spinning
12:30 pm: TBD
1:30 pm: Make your own nest buddy for your wild birds workshop
2:30 pm: Demonstration of alpaca health care