#GivingTuesday for Star Gazing Farm

You can help the animals by making a donation for GivingTuesday – every dollar up to $1000 will be matched by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and all processing fees are waived!  Did you know that you can also create a fundraiser for Star Gazing Farm of your own?  Up to 50 individual people can create a fundraiser like this, and every dollar will be matched!  This is at no cost to you or to us.  It is just a pure, joyful way to raise funds to help our dear, sweet, deserving animals!

Donate at one of our ongoing fundraisers:

Anne’s fundraiser

Kathe’s fundraiser

Blair’s fundraiser

Create a Fundraiser for us!

Step 1:  Go to Facebook fundraising page

They provide step-by-step guidelines for setting up a fundraiser, but you can also look at our steps outlined below.

Step 2: Click on “select Non profit”

Step 3:  In the search box at the top, type in Star Gazing Farm

Step 4:  Fill in how much you want to raise (the maximum for any single #GivingTuesday campaign is $1000) and the end date of your campaign (we recommend December 3)

Step 5:  “Tell the story” – you can use the pre-filled in story or write your own, if you have personal experience at the farm you think might inspire folks to donate!!

Step 6:  Pick your cover banner.  We suggest the one with animals on it  🙂

Step 7:  Follow their guidelines on inviting your friends to the fundraiser and posting on your news feed.  You can also share on Instagram, Twitter, and other Social Media Platforms.

Farm Tour Days: 2018

Every summer the Montgomery County Farm Tour brings hundreds of visitors to our farm. There are so many poignant moments, when people connect with animals in sometimes unexpected ways. It’s a beautiful (but hot!) event. Kids get their faces painted, adults sit and watch the roosters in the trees, the goats get into people’s belongings, and people go home with one-of-a-kind souvenirs from our farm, including sponsorships of an animal.

This year please join us on Saturday, July 28 and 29 between 10 and 4!

The event is free and open to everyone, but please leave your pets at home. If you can carpool with friends, that is a great idea – we get pretty crowded!

We have guided tours to meet the animals face to face and learn their stories.  Our wonderful gift shop is open and this year we have more than 30 new, totally unique, hand-woven wool/alpaca rugs.  There are sno cones, a bake sale, and other refreshments available, and lots of craft activities for children.

Our address is 16760 Whites Store Road, Boyds, MD 20841

Summer “Cool off” Wish list

Summer is a time of heat and a lot of extra volunteers.  We want to keep both animals and people cool.  Please help us fulfill our wishes for this summer.

We’ll be updating this list regularly, adding items and noting what has been donated.  Thank you for helping the animals and the folks who care for them!

Please note:  you can have items shipped to our address at:  16760 Whites Store Road, Boyds, MD 20841





A Love Letter to Star Gazing Farm

Dear barn stalls, open pastures, and toe-stubbing fence-posts,

I have known you for ten years now, can you believe it? When I, a tender young girl of fourteen, first roamed your wild pastures I was stricken with the sudden desire to run for the hills, and leave your mucky embrace far behind. But alas, my escape was thwarted by your gently rolling white fences, and horned guards at every exit.

I wandered your hidden corners for years, strained to move animals four times my size with earnest effort, and shared quiet moments of contemplation with roosters in the light of the setting sun. Dear farm, how could you let me fall in love like this? It just isn’t fair.

My dearest and most beloved farm, we share a strange relationship. You, full of love and tinged with faint touches of sorrow, and a quiet peace at the end of a long road that claims all of your strength. But me, I touch every now and again on our little affair of the heart. I steal moments in that peace after hard days, reveling in the joys and helping to bear your sad burdens.

My farm, I find it hard to describe to others why I love you. I can say things like “it shaped how I see hard work,” and “it feels nice to be so needed, and the work has such an impact,” but it doesn’t fully encompass what you are.

You are the sleepy mornings and cold feet trudging across a pasture. You are a warm face and a snug hat tilted against the sun. You are stepped-on toes and bruised legs from impatient goats. You are heavy arms and sore hands and hay-scratched skin. You are the pounding rain against barn walls, howling wind, and dry cozy spaces all breathing quietly in a storm. You are the chirp of new life wandering in shaded green places. You are abrupt laughter in the face of absurdity. You are backbreaking labor and painful goodbyes. You are the hopeful thrill of a new friend. My farm, you are the love of someone’s life.

My dear farm, the time will come when I drift away from you again, as I have done before. As far as I seem to go, I would dare to bet that I will return again. I cannot seem to stay away for long, as I am drawn back always by our strange affair of the heart.

Yours, always,



Ride the Winter Lights in Style!

As a special fundraising event Farmer Anne and Guardian Dog Sam are taking small groups through the Winter Lights in Seneca Creek State Park. For two nights only you and your family can experience the beauty of the lights as you’ve never seen them before – in the open air of a farm pickup.

Winterlights-bannerGuests will meet Anne at the Park – turn into the park with the giant tin soldier, and look for Anne’s white farm truck parked on your right in the staff parking lot. The trips through the park are by reservation only, and the truck can take groups of up to ten people, with a minimum of five (if your group does not contain at least five people, you will be combined with another small group). Guests will be charged $10 per person, and all proceeds will go to the farm. Guests will be given hot cider for the ride, but must bring their own travel mugs. Holiday music will be provided, and guests are encouraged to sing along. Guests are asked to bring payment in the form of cash or check, made out to Star Gazing Farm.

Note: Winter Lights Experience will be cancelled in the event of rain. In the event of cancellation, you will receive notification from Farmer Anne by e-mail.

Reserve your Winter Lights Experience Now!

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Takoma Park Alternative Gift Fair

Angel, doing her "promotion thing"

Angel, doing her “promotion thing”

Star Gazing Farm will be one of the charities participating in this marvelous event. This is an opportunity to do some thoughtful, environmentally friendly holiday shopping. We will be there with our good friend Angel the sheep!

Give gifts that touch people’s hearts, honor them and make a real difference to those in need.
Saturday, December 7, 2013, 12 noon – 4 pm

Takoma Park Presbyterian Church
310 Tulip Avenue
Takoma Park, MD 20912
(corner of Tulip & Maple), three blocks from the Takoma Metro Station
Can’t make it?? You can print and mail in a shopping list by Dec 12

Gifts you can buy for friends and family this year for the farm:

  • A week’s worth of fresh greens for our resident rescued rabbits and for visitors at the “Bunny Motel”
  • Annual vaccinations and checkups for a rescued farm animal
  • Sponsor a children’s educational tour to the farm

All gifts are tax-deductible and include a certificate to drop into a holiday card. Shopping done!
Bring the whole family and start the holiday season with a lift and a renewed sense of what holiday giving is all about. Plus :

  • a supervised Children’s Corner with a visit from Santa,
  • cookie decorating for the home bound (delivered by Meals on Wheels),
  • a tasty sweet and savory bake sale
  • a raffle with great prizes from local businesses
  • live music all afternoon from local musicians
  • a Serenity Corner with free seated shoulder/back massage!

Facebook Event to invite friends: https://www.facebook.com/events/585063411549278/
For information or to volunteer, contact Mimi Ikle-Khalsa, Fair Director, at aggw_inc@yahoo.com
100% money donated for gifts goes to the charities at the fair no matter how you pay. Checks, cash and credit cards are welcome.

Sponsored by  Alternative Gifts of Greater Washington ( http://www.aggw.org) and the Takoma Park Presbyterian Church with the participation of Sun Trust Bank, Takoma Park Child Development Center, Blessed Coffee, La Mano, Girl Scout Troop 1456. And many more…