Meet Ray Ray

Ray Ray

I am one lucky little sheep, don’t you know?  Well, maybe I won’t be little for long because my daddy weighs 300 pounds and he is SO handsome and strong.  I’m a hair sheep. That means I don’t have to be embarrassed in the spring and get tipped over and shaved naked.  Nature lets me shed all by myself which is fine by me.

So I was born with not quite developed eyes.  I have amazing hearing and smell, though.  I use my ears all the time so you will see me tilting my head to figure out where things are.  I really love people – people have been very kind to me and made sure I was always safe.  I have made a wonderful friend here.  His name is Ricardo and he’s just a little younger than me.  Just quietly, he’s a bit bossy but his friendly personality makes up for any bits of grain I have to give to him.

Just for your information, I love pieces of corn and I really love neck massages.

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Meet Milo

My name is Milo.  It wasn’t always Milo. I’ve had  a few names and a few “homes” though they were neither good names nor good homes.

I was housed in a very crowded and dirty place with a lot of other dogs who looked like me. Some of them were my brothers.  I liked them and they liked me, but we did not get enough to eat and we were not happy, and one of them died and just lay there and we didn’t know what to do about him.

I don’t know how it happened or why, but by some miracle, one day these human ladies showed up with a big white dog.  The big white dog’s name is Sam.  He said he is a distant cousin.  He waged his tail and lifted his ears and I felt happy for the first time in a long while. But I was still afraid and the long car ride made me so uneasy.

And then …. I came to this place and there were sheep dancing and goats jumping, roosters singing and lots and lots of hay and good farm smells.  I’m still trying to figure it all out.  Is this really my home?  Can I really stay here?  Please, no one take me away from this place.  Please, no one give me a different name.  Milo is my name and I am an Anatolian shepherd.  And I’m a happy dog now.

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Meet Little Vinnie

Little Vinnie was born in April of 2017. He is a Nigerian Dwarf goat is extremely naughty.  He has figured out how to jump into the front yard and gets into everything.  He climbs on top of the sheep and tries to steal food from Bullwinkle the steer.  There seems to be no limit to his baaaaad imagination.

While Tony will holler when he wants something, Vinnie is the quiet type.  He’ll sneak up on you without your realizing it and steal the food right from your hands.  It’s a good thing he is so cute!

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Bullwinkle the Steer

Holstein cross steer
Born 2005
Weight approx. 1800 pounds

Bullwinkle was naughty from the time he popped out of his mother. He was bottle-raised at the Prince William Animal Control petting zoo, and from there was destined to go to the auctionhouse, but a kind lady fell in love with him and his buddy Rocky, bought them at market price, and hauled them over here.

Bullwinkle has such a distinct personality. He loves to go up to people and lick them all over with his rough, sandpaper-like tongue, but you have to watch out – despite his steer status, he is an amorous kind of a guy. He is extremely sweet and loves massages.  He used to have a wild streak in him – if you simply turned on the tractor he got so excited, he’d racing from one end of the field to the other.  He is advanced in years now, however, and has arthritis so he has slowed down quite a bit.  His best friend is Brandy the Angus cow.

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George the Chinchilla

George the Chinchilla was adopted out from and returned several times to the animal shelter.  People claimed he was “too much work.”  He ended up at the Arlington Animal Welfare League who let us take him home and give him a permanent place to be himself!  We set him up with a marvelous, four-story condo with lots of shelves and perches.  He also loves to run around the bunny room, and has a special fondness for exploring the bunny’s living quarters.

When he first came he was terribly shy, and tended to give little bites to get people to get away from him.  Very gradually, he has learned that it’s ok to be touched sometimes, and especially when he gets special treats like a biscuit or a small piece of dried fruit.

George is quite a special guy – smart and athletic and inquisitive, and we feel very fortunate to have him as one of our residents!

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Meet Luc

My new mate, Freckles. Isn’t she cute?

This is my first meeting with my love Oreo.

I was abandoned because people said I wasn’t friendly.  Say what?  I’m Mr. Friendly Personified. Just ask anyone.  In fact, I am so easy to get along with that I fell in love with Oreo the ornery rabbit.  I was so brokenhearted when she passed away, but it so happened that a bachelorette bunny had just come here to live and, POWIE, we fell in love right away.  See, I’m just that kind of guy.  My new squeeze is named Freckles and she is chock-a-block full of personality.

I’m big and black and sleek and lovely to pet.  I’m healthy and I really love hopping all around the house and pooping everywhere.  My hobbies are chewing on leafy greens and kissing.

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Meet Carmen

My name is Carmen and I have two best friends:  Ricardo the sheep and Brandy the big black cow. I love them both so much.

I came here because I was very very sick when I was little, and I lost some of my sight. I also didn’t grow very much.  (You can see that I’m a bit short).  I have grown very healthy, though, and I have a sleek, shiny coat and a fat belly, and I can see pretty decently to get around the farm.  I have a good time here and I go up and down and down the hills.  Sometimes I eat the grass and sometimes I eat the bushes and sometimes I eat the hay.  Then I take naps in the sun.

I’m really lucky. I’m a Hereford cow which is what they call (shudder) a meat breed. I am safe from that awful thing.  No one will eat me or my friends.  This is so wonderful and it makes me happy every day to just be alive.

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Welcome Sullivan!

Sullivan is an old, old black lab. We think he was born around 2003. He was found running around loose in Virginia. When animal control picked him up, he was a mess. He was totally infested with fleas, and all of the fur on his lower back and backside had been chewed and scratched off, leaving a sort of ‘elephant skin’. He also had two tumors which happily turned out to be benign.

Sullivan stayed at the Fairfax County Animal Shelter for 2 months while he received treatment for his conditions, and quickly became the staff’s favorite pooch. He was easy going and loving, and they ended up using him with new dogs to do temperament testing, because he was that mellow.

But then people kept passing him by when looking for dogs to adopt. Some people even said he was “too ugly”. When we saw his bright face in photographs posted on Facebook, we just fell in looovvve with him. Sullivan came here in December, 2013 and is truly a sweet and loving dog. He seems so grateful to finally have a home of his own!

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Meet Cinnamon!

Cinnamon is a very sweet guinea pig who was left at our “Bunny Motel” for boarding. Her owner had many very hard complications occur in her life, however, and asked if we might keep Cinnamon and we gladly agreed – she is a marvelous ambassador for the smaller creatures of the earth. Intelligent and vocal, she welcomes visitors with squeaks and little purring noises, and adores being held right under your chin where she will rub her head up against you. Guinea pigs typically live up to 8 years if cared for well. They need Vitamin C (either in tablet form or in their water) as well as fresh greens and hay. They are emotional little creatures and need lots of attention. Everyone who comes to the farm falls in love with Cinnamon! We hope she will encourage others to adopt a guinea pig from your local shelter; these little guys often get overlooked in the search for a pet.


Meet Mamie

Mamie joined our farm in late June of 2018.  We adopted her from the Mid Atlantic Jack Russell Rescue …. she was supposed to be  a Jack Russell, to be rescued from an Amish puppy mill.  But when the rescuers arrived to pick her up they said, “oh but that’s not a Jack.”  The farmer said, “OK then, I’ll put her in back and stop feeding her.”  The rescuer promptly said, “oh no, we’ll be so glad to take her.”

Mamie is about 5 years old and full of beans.  She is very smart, but has obviously had some bad experiences because she is very afraid of loud voices, newspapers, and raised hands.  She’s a very loving dog and we hope to work her through her anxiety so that she feels fully secure that no one will ever hurt her again.  We hope that someday we can train her to work with the sheep!

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