Bello goes to the hospital

Our beloved Bello, a 20 year old Dutch Warmblood horse (gelding) is ill! Below is a slideshow documenting the current treatment he is undergoing. In brief, he has a severely enlarged bladder which has led to very bad incontinence. Our local veterinarian has been out on many occasions, and despite treatments, the problems have persisted. So on Friday, October 31, we transported Bello to the Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center in Leesburg for tests and, as it turns out, a quite thorough lavage of his bladder. He will need followup treatment and a return visit to the hospital in 11 days. His prognosis is guarded, but the happy news is that no actual stones were found – only a great deal of sludge buildup.

Our local equine veterinarian has has been wonderful and he determined this problem was, in fact, a rare condition and needed hospital treatment – he then put us in touch with a specialist at the Leesburg hospital, and this man was truly impressive as was his whole team. The level of competence, caring, and really good communication amongst the team members was a joy to see, even if the visit itself was not joyful. We’re so grateful for the scientific professionals who help our beloved animals.

After 2 weeks of daily treatment by our local vet Dr. Lewis (an infusion of acetic acid via catheter), we returned on November 13 to Leesburg and had another lavage – a great deal of sabulous debris was extracted, but there is still a mass that has not broken up, so we will repeat this procedure and return in 3 weeks for another lavage.  Once again, the staff at the hospital were all just amazing.