Meet Our Llamas


Meet Jean Claude the Llama

Jean Claude is a man of the world, and while he once had a romantic interest in Dee Dee donkey, occasionally chasing her wildly through the fields, he has returned to his ever stable Louisa Llama. [read more about Jean-Claude]

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Marguerite the Alpaca

Marguerite is only 2 years old and is the daughter of Delphine. She has startlingly blue eyes! She was rescued from a miserable existence in a dark barn.

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Senna the Alpaca

Senna is a very small alpaca; she is 17 years old, which is getting on in years for an alpaca, but she is doing beautifully.

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Louisa the Llama

Louisa is still very shy with people, but seems quite comfortable with the sheep, and has learned that this farm provides good food and shelter and is now a happy llama! She loves Jean-Claude and the two of them tour the farm together every day.

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