2019 Letters to Santa

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1 December, 2019

Dear Santa,

CrackyMy name is Crackers but you can call me Cracky.  I am new at this farm, and I am one cool cat.  I have decided that I like living in the bunny room because I’m also a decisive cat.  I used to be a barn cat, and I could go out and work again if I wanted to.  But I like patrolling the bunny room.  It makes me feel useful.  And I don’t like the dogs very much.  They might be OK as dogs go, but I was hurt by a dog before, so I prefer to just keep my own counsel on that. OK?

So in this really neat place I live, I have a really, really cozy bed and I get served breakfast and dinner every day.  Santa, if you can come and visit I will sit on your lap and purr.  I have the smoothest, softest coat and I am just as fat and friendly as can be – just like you!!! We are brothers in fatness and friendliness, hope you don’t mind my saying so.

I’d like to ask for just a few things, if you don’t mind.  First, ok, it’s a little embarrassing, but I’m an indoor cat now and so I go through an awful lot of litter.  I could use more, because I like to keep myself and my toilet very, very clean.  I’m particular that way. Here is litter that I like

I don’t honestly really miss being outside, but I do miss the smell of fresh grass.  Maybe you could send me this indoor garden grass?

I love to get visitors, and would love someone to sponsor me.  Then they can come and pet me and let me sit on their laps!

See ya later Santa, thanks for letting me write!



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2 December, 2019

Dear Mr. Santa,

BrunoI am Bruno.  I am a horse. I wrote to you once before and I liked doing that. So I’m writing to you again.  It is fun to write letters. Santa, I like you because you travel the old fashioned way. I also travel the old fashioned way. I also like you because you listen to animals.  Not everyone does that.  I think the world would be better off if more people listened.

I have to have very good ears, because I’m blind in one eye. Sometimes I get jumpy if I can’t see what is coming up on my left side. But I’m starting to get a bit of training so I have more confidence.  For that reason, I’d like to ask you to bring me a natural  horsemanship’s halter. https://tinyurl.com/halter-for-bruno  (size average, color: black.  I’m a basic black kind of guy.)   These are light weight and quite fine for doing what we call “ground work”.  I probably will never be ridden because my ankle is also a bit off kilter, but working on the ground and doing some tricks will enrich my life and give me some structure.  Maybe next time you come I can do a little bow to acknowledge you!

I also need my hooves cleaned out more regularly if I’m going to be doing some exercise.  I have heard the farmer complain about that “dad burned lousy hoof pick” (she didn’t actually use those words, but I can’t reprint what she actually said).  This is the desired kind of hoof pick:  https://tinyurl.com/hoofpick-for-bruno

I would also love a sponsor.  Someone who would come out and visit with me, perhaps brush me and tell. me how handsome I am.  But they can also just admire me from afar, too.  http://www.stargazingfarm.org/animals/sponsor-an-animal/  I might be old fashioned, but every old-fashioned man will never deny a compliment!

It’s been great writing to you, Mr. Santa, and I hope we will all see you soon.

Yours truly,


P.S. Did you know that I am “Mr. February” in this year’s farm calendar?

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December 3, 2019

My dear, sweet Santa Claus,

jennyI am so so so glad to be writing to you.  I’m an old lady goat but no one, can you believe it, no one has EVER told me I could be in direct touch with you.  I’ve admired your wonderful reindeer up in the sky from my lowly place in the pasture. I’ve seen the twinkling lights on your sleigh, and heard your loud and cheerful “ho ho ho”.  It made me happy but also sad because I didn’t know you and thought you would never be interested in a little old goat like me.

But opportunity has come my way! Oh joy! Santa Claus, I am really a good goat.  I know people say there is no such thing, but I am sweet and gentle.  I don’t headbutt anyone. I don’t climb into people’s cars, and I’ve never even been inside the house. I wait my turn for my dinner and I always pose for photographs very nicely. I’m not being immodest here – I’m just stating the truth as I see it.

Oh Santa Claus, I hope you will make my wishes come true this Christmas. I was going to ask for a special jacket because when it gets really cold, so do I.  I don’t have a lot of fat anymore (just a bit of a belly, but that happens to all us girls in middle age).  But I found a shiny red jacket and I can’t wait to model it for you – we will be color coordinated!  No, what I really need are treats.  Lots of treats. I especially like the licorice flavored treats. https://tinyurl.com/treats-for-jenny  Now, if you want me to share with my other goat friends, you could also send me the mother lode of treats which also includes treats with probiotics which is good for my belly.  https://tinyurl.com/mother-lode-treats-for-jenny Santa Claus, I think you also have a belly and since it’s so big, I’ll bet you need probiotics too.  I could share some treats with  you when you come.  What do you think?

I do get a little chilled in the winter time when it goes below freezing.  In past years, you’ve been SOOOO generous and brought us these wonderful heat lamps.  We have them in lots of spots but we are missing just one, specially for me.  Would you send one along?  https://www.premier1supplies.com/p/prima-heat-lamp Oh I would love that.  I love to be warm and cozy in the winter. If I drank cocoa, I’d love to sit with you and have cookies and cocoa.  But I prefer molasses over chocolate.  It’s better for me, being that I’m a goat and all.

Santa, would you be able to make some calls for me and see if anyone would like to sponsor me?  They could come and brush me and tell me how beautiful I am.  I am beautiful and I love being told it, too. I love being petted and fussed over. You can tell people who think I am special that they can sponsor me here:  http://www.stargazingfarm.org/animals/sponsor-an-animal/

I wish this letter would never end.  It makes my heart so hippy hoppy to be writing to you after admiring you from afar for all these years.  But I must return to my pasture now and so, I bid you adieu.

Your admiring and adoring Jenny


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4 December, 2019

Oh Santa,

WaldoHas it already been a year since we saw you? How time flies.  I’m almost 9 years old now.  I’ve lost a little weight and feel better about myself, although Hazel is still a porker (har har that’s a pig joke). I am doing much better eating my veggies and hardly ever have a donut anymore.  Sigh.  I miss those donuts.

You are going to think this is kind of weird, Santa, because I’m going to ask you for something pink.  Yes, well, Hazel wears the pants in this household and she said “it’s gotta be pink” and if Hazel says it’s gotta be pink, it better darned well be pink.  There are these things called hog panels or sorting panels.  We don’t like to be herded from behind, and we can’t wear halters or leashes since we have no necks! But we are quite comfortable being moved if we are surrounded on both sides by a panel.  Why do we need to be moved, you ask? Good question!  Well, sometimes in the evenings when it’s time for dinner, and I need to go to the pen where I get fed, I forget to go there, or I can’t see where they (the feeding ladies) want me to walk since it’s dark out and my eyesight isn’t what it used to be.  The panels would help them guide me nice and calm-like to my dinner table. So we’d need the 36″x30″ panel.  https://www.hogslat.com/pig-sorting-panel-pink One would be ok to start, but two is better so we have one on each side.  It’s like a magic trick. Maybe you can see how it works when you come!

Here is another funny request:  I have kind of squinched up eyes, and they need to be cleaned once a week.  I could really use these cotton swabs so the kids can do a nice job getting my eyelids all clean!  https://tinyurl.com/cotton-swabs-for-waldo  They can also use q-tips https://tinyurl.com/q-tips-for-waldo but I”m thinking the swabs with the longer handles might be easier to manage.  Sometimes the q-tips get bent.

Any time you have leftover produce, like squash or cucumbers, or pumpkin or sweet potatoes or beets, or even   spinach or kale, you could bring that on by.  Farmer Anne cooks me vegetable stews for my dinner and I love the variety of vegetables she uses!

I haven’t had a sponsor in a while.  I’d love a sponsor who would come and bring me a treat and scratch  my belly. http://www.stargazingfarm.org/animals/sponsor-an-animal/  I’m getting to be a bit of an old guy just like you, and we old fellas just love attention!  You have Mrs. Claus, but I have Hazel and she’s just a bossy bee.  I need someone who won’t boss me around, but will just be sweet with me.  Thank you Santa!  See you soon.



Star Gazing Farm
16760 Whites Store Road
Boyds, MD 20841

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5 December, 2019

PeteOh hello there!  What did you say your name was?  Santa?  What a funny name.  My name is Peter Martin but you can call me Petey.  I’m new here. Today is my birthday.  I’m 6 months old. Could I have a present today, since it’s my birthday?  All the goats told me you are the present man.  You aren’t?  Oh, you are, but that’s not the whole story?  Oh dear, this sounds complicated.  Wait a minute, I have to go run around a bit.

OK, I’m back.  Do you have treats? I love treats.  Do you have two names?  I have several names.  Claus?  CLAUS?  That’s also a funny name.  It sounds like something legal.  I’m kind of smart for my age.  I listen to the radio all the time.  I like the evening news and classical music and jazz are good, too. But I most love to talk about politics.  It gets people all worked up and then we can run around and chase each other.

Santa “Claus”, could I ask you for a few things I need? First, I need a halter because I want to learn how to walk around with people and maybe go out on the town sometimes.  This one looks comfortable: https://tinyurl.com/halter-for-petey  It has a leather noseband which is kind of creepy, but it will be much more comfortable than the pure nylon ones which will cut my nose.

Did you know I like salt?  I really really like salt, and I also like to lick things all the time.  My mom said she has to “calf-proof” the whole farm.  Whatever that means. Anyhow, I had one of these and I want another one!  https://tinyurl.com/salt-for-petey

I would also like a toy.  I really like to play! My other calf friends on the Internet told me they like these jolly balls – you can hang them from the ceiling and then I can bat them around and have a grand old time! https://tinyurl.com/ball-for-petey

Can you believe it, I’ve never had a sponsor?  The other cows had to explain it to me but I think it sounds like a good thing.  People can sponsor me here.  http://www.stargazingfarm.org/animals/sponsor-an-animal/ They can come and visit me and hug me and maybe even take me for a walk!

When you come to visit, will you tell me about politics on the north pole?  I’d like to know if it’s as fun there as it is here!

Ok, bye!!!

Peter Martin Davidson II
c/o Star Gazing Farm
16760 Whites Store Road
Boyds, MD 20841

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6 December, 2019

Dear Santa Claus,

jethroI must say, kind sir, you have already given me the biggest and bestest gift I could ever have wanted and that is a home.  A real home of my own, where I belong.

A few months ago, I truly thought I was done for.  I could hear the howl of my ancestors calling me to them.  I had lost half my body weight and had almost no hair. I was living in Kentucky but an angel who worked for a veterinarian decided that she would help me.  I can’t explain it. I started feeling better.  I was still sad. I lived at the vet’s office.  But little by little, my hair and my weight came back.

It wasn’t till I got here to Maryland that I started realizing my full po-ten-tial.  Santa, I have learned how to dance. And I have learned how to bark. The two in concert are a fine thing, indeed.

Now, just confidentially, Santa, I’ve become a bit too large for my collar.  It was a fun collar, a party collar with lots of colors on it.  But I’ve grown out of it.  I think that for the winter time, I’d like a nice plaid collar with a bow tie, since, after all, I am a southern gentleman.   https://tinyurl.com/collar-for-jethro

Santa, I’m a bit stiff in the joints.  I’m not so old, or so they think from my teeth, but I lived a hard, hard life before.  These chew things called Dasuquin will help me feel a bit jauntier – after all, I need to be practicing my dance routines! https://tinyurl.com/dasiquin-for-jethro

I would also love a sponsor.  Perhaps someone who will bring me treats let me teach them how to dance with me.  http://www.stargazingfarm.org/animals/sponsor-an-animal/ I am extraordinarily polite and I’m so easy to get along with.  I also love lying on the sofa and having my tummy rubbed.  Thank you Santa, thank you for helping to save me.  I am finally happy.


Star Gazing Farm
16760 Whites Store Road
Boyds, MD 20841

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7 December, 2019

Dee DeeSanta! Listen up old fella! Every year we have this conversation.  My name is Dee Dee and not Dede or Didi or even Dee.  Dee Dee Donkey, or Miss Donkey to you. We have that clear now, I expect.  No need to cover it again.

Santa, you know as well as I do that I’m just about the most perfect donkey you could ever want to meet, though goodness knows you are certain short on the compliments sometimes. I might be missing a few teeth, but I am so spry and so ‘with the times’ that no one ever guesses my age.   I’ve been living at this farm now for nearly 18 years.  And I came here when I was a youthful 28 years old.  Well.  You should know that if you weren’t so darned forgetful.  But I do not feel old at all!  Why, just today I gave quite a good little kick to a cow who tried to get frisky with me.  I am still perfectly sweet with the little kids.  I do love little kids.  I think we have that in common.  I especially love it when they want to brush me.  But right now they have to use the horse brushes (of which there are precious few; I think the goats eat them).  So Santa:  please send me a special donkey grooming kit. https://tinyurl.com/grooming-kit-for-dee-dee I even would share it with Mehitabel … sometimes. I get dusty and sometimes we old lady just need a good currying – it feels like a massage.  But if that is too expensive (I know you’ve been trying to cut costs at the North Pole, don’t deny it.  I won’t breathe a word to the kids but honestly Santa – don’t disappoint any of those little kids, you hear?), I’d also very much enjoy this face brush – it looks really classy and would make me feel very good.  https://tinyurl.com/face-brush-for-dee-dee

Now Santa:  I think you know what it is like to lose some of your teeth.  Don’t think I haven’t seen those gaps in your smile.  Ha!  Twice a day, they make me a nice hot mash of senior horse feed mixed with a bit of alfalfa.  I love it!  But the snag in the whole plan is that we need a secure way to store my feed. We have one tin for my food but sometimes we get more delivered than we can store and then the nasty old rodents bite into it and then it isn’t any good any more.  I’m quite a practical donkey and I have tried many things, but these aluminium cans are the best.  They foil the rodents!   They are beyond great!  You can get them here  https://tinyurl.com/feed-storage-for-dee-dee  or at any Southern States.  Does Mrs. Claus have to make you mash every day, Santa?

OK. Now we have the basics covered:  food and self care through child grooming.  Wait a minute, I’m not done yet. What about sending me one or more of those special people to sponsor me.  http://www.stargazingfarm.org/animals/sponsor-an-animal/ Someone who will come and visit me, give me soft treats (fig newtons are pretty wonderful) and make me feel like I matter more than anything to them!  I would really love that.  I expect I can count on you to get on the phone right now and start contacting folks for me.  I think that will do for today.

Okey dokey Santa, bye for now and toodeloo.

Miss Dee Dee Donkey
Star Gazing Farm
16760 Whites Store Road
Boyds, MD 20841


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December 8, 2019

GalloUm.  Hello?

I’m new here.  My name is Gallo and I am a very handsome, Rhode Island Red rooster ISO a gorgeous young hen. I have a good singing voice, and will eat any kind of cooking.  I’m easy to get along with, and will take care of my hen with attention.  I’m young but I’m a real gentleman.

Oops.  Wrong letter.

Try again.

Dear Santa,

Lovely hen

Sigh, the one I love

I’m a very handsome, Rhode Island Red rooster.  I really would love to have a girlfriend for Christmas.  I’m sending you a picture of the one I love.  She only hangs out with Manuel at the upper barn.  I don’t know what she sees in him.  Please tell her I have better food and a really cozy nest here in my front yard chicken coop.

Aside from someone to cuddle with … well, I would like to try some of these bugs:  https://tinyurl.com/bugs-for-gallo  I think they look rather tasty. And I am thinking … it gets kind of cold here in winter.  I live in the front yard chicken coop which is a bit drafty.  I know they used to hang a heat lamp right under the eaves of the house for the front -yard chickens. I’ll bet if I had one of those, that lovely lady I admire so much might come to join me instead of that ugly Manuel. https://tinyurl.com/heat-lamp-for-gallo

I suppose we need some heat lamp bulbs, too! https://tinyurl.com/heat-lamp-bulbs-for-gallo

Finally, the beautiful lady who brought me here with tears in her eyes – she didn’t want to leave me but her circumstances dictated it – she has sponsored me but no one else has.  I think someone else would love to sponsor me, too, and get to know what fine, fine gentleman rooster I am!  http://www.stargazingfarm.org/animals/sponsor-an-animal/

I’m very pleased and honored to have been able to contact you Santa, and I hope we will see you here at the farm soon!

Yours very sincerely,

c/o Star Gazing Farm
16760 Whites Store Road
Boyds, MD 20841


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Dearest Santa Claus,

RicardoThis is my second Christmas on the farm and I’m sooo happy to be writing to you.  I came here when I was a baby – these amazing people decided that I needed to go to live out my life on a sanctuary because I was a bit “different”.  I’m different because I walk a bit like a moving tank, but otherwise I’m quite smart and ever so personable!

Santa, do you know that I am a travelling sheep?  I ride in the truck.  Sometimes I poop in there, but Farmer Anne said it’s ok, “it’s a farm truck.”  Where do I go, you may ask?  Well, the last trip was to a brewery.  I lied about my age and so they served me some really fine ale.  I liked it!  I want to go back!  I go out with the volunteers to tell people all about this farm and to invite them to come and visit!  I’m a really friendly sheep and I love to be petted and given massages.

What I need for my travelling gigs is a good looking collar.  I found this one and it’s great because it has the farm’s colors and I think I’d look smashing in it!  https://tinyurl.com/collar-for-ricardo

To match it, could I also please have a gold-colored cotton lead rope?  https://tinyurl.com/lead-rope-for-ricardo People will comment on how well color-coordinated I am.  That is something that is, you might know, important to me!  You color coordinate your wardrobe, too, if I’m not mistaken!

I also need some sponsors.  Please make sure that they have sheep massage skills or inclinations!  http://www.stargazingfarm.org/animals/sponsor-an-animal/

Love and kisses,


c/o Star Gazing Farm
16760 Whites Store Road
Boyds, MD 20841


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10 December, 2019

Hello my fine Santa sir,

SamSam here.  So nice to have you around again another year. We white-haired fellas need to stick together.  Santa, you know I am the gentlest dog you could ever meet.  Yes, I’m built like a polar bear, and weighing in at 125 pounds I’m a husky guy, but I am so kind and sensitive.  It’s both my greatest feature (aside from my jaw-dropping handsomeness) and my downfall.  I feel things deeply and I have so many emotions to express!

Santa, I’m such a happy dog.  I love to snuggle on the sofa and in the bed, and I love my dogs Mamie and Jethro.  I also love all my cats and rabbits and Cinnamon the guinea pig.  I’m a great dancer, and I smile when other people dance with me!

I am so gentle and don’t want to get into conflict with anyone, but our dog Milo has decided I am his rival.  So now I’m sometimes afraid of him.  I need a trainer to come out and work with him and me so that we can be friends again.  I don’t want to be his rival.  I don’t want to be “top dog”.  I just want to be my own peaceful self.   Could you help me find a trainer who would come to the farm?

I’m an older guy now (nearly 11!) so I hang out a lot in the house and the front yard, and I’ve developed a bad habit.  I, um, how can I say this …. I sometimes pee in the house. I don’t know why I do it, but I just do.  So I need a few things to manage this bad habit so that Farmer Anne doesn’t say “OH SAM!!!” too much.  First, I need some big pee pads.  https://tinyurl.com/pee-pads-for-sam I will pee on the pads and am quite happy with those.  I also know that Farmer Anne and my beloved friend Julie like to use this to clean  – it totally gets rid of the pee smell and it’s wonderful!  https://www.zeroodor.com/collections/all/products/pet-kit

Santa, I haven’t had a sponsor in a while.  I am quite a shy guy, so my sponsor will need to be patient with me while I get to know them,  but I’m so sweet that they will want to be with me, I’m sure of it!  http://www.stargazingfarm.org/animals/sponsor-an-animal/

I hope to see you and your lovely reindeer really soon!


Sam (aka Sam I Am)

c/o Star Gazing Farm
16760 Whites Store Road
Boyds, MD 20841


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11 December, 2019

ZoeWell Santa, it’s about darned time!  I am so bone-tired of being just a wallflower and never being allowed near the computer.

Zoe the bunny here, otherwise known as ZoeMonster. I’ve been living at this farm long enough to now be a widow.  (I miss my beloved Giovanni soooo much).  Yet I’ve never been featured, sponsored, or otherwise recognized by anyone other than the bunny room fairies whom I love very much (they groom me and tell me I’m beautiful). It’s shameful, shameful I tell you.

My story is this:  I was being boarded here some years ago, and my owners just never came back. I emailed and called and sent them ESP messages but they ignored me.  Heartless!  I never saw them again.  Farmer Anne said it was OK because she would always take care of me.  I might love her, but I’m on the fence about that.  Still and all, I’m glad to be here. It’s a good place for a bunny.

Now, first and foremost, I need a sponsor.  http://www.stargazingfarm.org/animals/sponsor-an-animal/ Yes I do. I don’t promise to be especially nice to my sponsor because I’m a feisty bun, but they can admire how pretty I am and they can offer me treats.  Sometimes I can be petted but sometimes I box at people with my front paws.  That’s why I’m called ZoeMonster.  I like these treats:  https://tinyurl.com/treats-for-zoe

I also love this special hay – it’s very tasty and calming because it has chamomile in it!  https://tinyurl.com/special-hay-for-zoe

I think I’m ready to consider bringing BunnyLove back into my life.  I’d like to go to the Friends of Rabbits bunny match day to see if perhaps there is someone just for me.  I know that their adoption fee is $75 and that way I could bring my new groom home with me!

I also need to take a trip to the vet for my regular checkup.  I love my vet! He is so kind and gentle and talks softly.

Santa, I’m really glad I stayed at Star Gazing Farm.  I get to run and jump around the room, and this young lady grooms me every weekend and tells me how pretty I am.  All I’m missing is a new husband. I mean, where would you be without Mrs. Claus?

Wow, I can’t believe I got through a whole letter without any typos.  Thank you for reading my missive.

Yours very truly,

Zoe the Bunny

P.S.  Apparently it is very hard to get a good photograph of me.  I could only find two in my deep search of Farmer Anne’s computer.  I’ve heard the excuse (“it’s hard to photograph black rabbits” and “she moves around too much”).  Balderdash.  Bring the cameras, the video recorders, the TV crews!  I’m ready to pose!

c/o Star Gazing Farm
16760 Whites Store Road
Boyds, MD 20841


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12 December,  2019

MadisonHo ho ho, Santa!

I’m a day late writing to you.  Farmer Anne left the plug to her computer in Minnesota this week.  Who does that?  Well, she did.  So the computer was “down for the count”.  I hoped she would bring back a few reindeer from the “cold country” but did she? No!  Did she tell them I wanted especially to talk with Rudolph this year?  No!  Did she even go looking for reindeer?  Again – no!!!  She said she was grumpy about the laptop, and “don’t talk to her about reindeer”. She said that.

Well, I’m telling you what, you can’t rely on a farmer to remember anything these days. But I can rely on you, right?  Santa, do you know I’m almost 18 years old?  EIGHTEEN! That’s really old for a sheep.  But I am doing fine.  It’s a cool gig being old because I get special treats and extra food.

I’m going to ask you for stuff that is good for everyone, not just me.  When you get a certan maturity about you, you begin to see that life isn’t just about you. How others feel around you affects how you feel.  I want everyone here to feel good (well, mostly.  You might want to have a little off the record chat with a few of the goats).

It’s getting cold, and Farmer Anne and all the volunteers are out in very cold weather (but not as cold as Minnesota or the North Pole, for sure!) and they need work gloves that aren’t bulky but will keep their fingers warm.  I found these work gloves:  https://tinyurl.com/work-gloves-for-madison but you might know of others that are good, since I’m sure your elves need them too.  Just please don’t send them in elf size.

Another thing we need are some heat lamp bulbs.  https://tinyurl.com/heat-lamp-bulbs-for-madison  Even though I’m quite old, I don’t get cold  like some of the other elderly ones, like Jenny and Dee Dee and Pippa.  I don’t like to see them feel cold. Some of them have coats, but the whole atmosphere is cozy when we have the heat lamps on.  We use very safe ones, from Premier.

I don’t think I’ve had a sponsor in a while.  I’m a really good sheep for hugging, and I’ll stand and listen to all your problems if you want.  I can snort in your face and I guarantee you’ll feel better afterwards.  http://www.stargazingfarm.org/animals/sponsor-an-animal/

Santa, this is the season for forgiveness and so I am officially forgiving Farmer Anne for forgetting her laptop plug and delaying my letter to you by one day. Everyone at this time of year needs to do some forgiving of others, don’t you think?

Your faithful sheep,

c/o Star Gazing Farm
16760 Whites Store Road
Boyds, MD 20841